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25 Nov, 2015 09:22 PM

Back in the 7th grade, I went to a party with my friend kimmy, it was at her friend's so i didn't really know any one their, But that's when i met Olajuwon, he came up to us and was talking to us for a while, i thought he was super annoying at first, he tried to chase me with a turtle which was weird. After the party a couple days later, I was on the phone with kimmy, and she calls him, And we were talking and i found out he went to the same school as me and kimmy, so me and him kept talking more and more and i fell for him, and then when i seen him at school and we talked, his friends made fun of him for it because i was in a special program, and they made fun of me all the time for it. He went along with it and started making fun of me too. I didn't understand why he would make fun of me with his friends, but i just ingored it and tried to move on. He made my life a living hell, He made fun of me every single day, he would call me every day after school but as a totally different person he was nice sometimes, I got so many mixed signals from him,I really liked him so much and i couldn't help it. Then one day i found out my best friend was dating him, I was so mad and hurt because she betrayed me like that, they dated for a few months then things ended. I kept trying and trying to be with him but he kept pushing me away further and further away. He started threating my life, He started to just pick on me every chance he got. he made everything so much worse, but then everything changed.

On April 10th,2008, was the day everything changed, I stayed home from school, and i get a phone call from olajuwon and his friend alex another guy i liked, they asked to come over and my mom said no because my dad hated him and it wasn't a good idea, so i was helping my mom put some things in the car and i seen my friend ashley and her brother walking and i gave them a ride and on my way back from giving them a ride i seen olajuwon, and my mom said do you want me to pull over and give him a ride, and i said sure so he got in the car and we took off, i was staring outside the window and i look down and his hand was in my shirt my entire boob was hanging out, i grabbed a book and hit his hand with it, and then he stopped, we made it to his house and he asked my mom if i could go in and she said sure so i walked with him to his door and he had handed me his stuff while he went around to unlock the door. He opened the door and i walked in, he kept saying go further go further and i turned around and he kissed me, I was in shock I couldn't believe it, After he kissed me he lifted my shirt up and sucked on my boobs which i wasn't expecting then he layed me down and started kissing me again, and he tried to unbutton my pants and i said what are you doing? and he said it's not like i'm gonna stick it in you and i was like no just stop so then he asked me to go down on him and i said no over and over again, and he forced it in my mouth and made me do what he asked. I was scared and felt digusted, After he told me you can go now. I left feeling sick and used.

He didn't want me to tell anyone about what happend but i was so angry and so hurt that i went and told my two best friends at the time then eventually everyone knew about it, and at first everyone gave him a hard time about it because i lied and said he raped me when he didn't. and then everyone found out i lied and hated me even more. He hated me more than you could imagine he hated me so much. I knew i made a mistake, He made my life even more worse, i dropped out the rest of my 8th grade year because i was terrifed to come back on the campus. Then in 2011 we talked again but he still hated me. To this day he still hates me and i'm okay with it.

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mariah says:
06 Feb, 2016 09:25 PM

Ewwwwww disqusting

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