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Phylburt Fagestorm

17 Nov, 2012 04:48 PM

It's all about the Distance. I met him on a online chat rooms, his name was Marcus. The first time I saw him, I can't take my eyes Off of him. I was telling myself, it is not LOVE, it's just adoration, but then, I don't adore him, I love Him. I don't know how this happened, but we just started calling each other "Babe, hunny, sweetheart." until we told stories to each other, until 3 magical words came out from both of us. I LOVE YOU. Most guys I met on chat rooms, was all Bad. They think all girls will give in and show something to them, Marcus and my friend has done that, but I showed Him, I was different, because it was true, you can make a guy love you in so many ways and not just showing them you are hot and interesting. Sex is not a way. For some reasons, many guys just take and leave, and as a girl you must change it.

I chat with hum everyday, even if his time was 7 hours ahead, I'm still awake even at midnight to see him. To hear his sweet I love you's. I love Him and he love me. Distance can never hinder us to love each other because out of SEVEN billion people I chose Him and he chose Me. So many gorgeous girls and Hot guys, but my eyes are not meant to look at them nor his eyes does. We never hugged each other for real, nor kiss each other for real. We just see each other on Cam, talk, say I love you, and this makes us miss each other more. Everyday, I want to smell him, touch him, hold him, feel him, and when I close my eyes, all I see was Him. Open my eyes, I still see him. I know it is LOVE. His smile on cam, I know it was for me, He tells me he wants me, and wished he can hug me, I cry for that because we were so Far. But then Our hearts will always be near each other. He is Mine, I am His.

If ever you are reading this and you're in same situation as mine.:) I know you knew how it felt. I never thought two persons can be in love even when they never met. What a wonderful world if I can share the whole lifetime with him. I'll die for Marcus, I'll do everything for Him. Ask if He truly Loved me?
Yes, He does, he tells me everyday.

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bevz says:
05 Feb, 2013 03:36 AM

were same situation now,the difference was i met him here in the Philippines and the unexpected feelings grow,days a go he need to go back in his home town,so i left behind,i know what your afraid for and what you feel,but girl as long as you feel your worth for him even your far from each other"THAT'S LOVE"...WE know that long distance relationship its really hard,just trust each other.goodluck...

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Manasa Saya says:
05 Feb, 2013 09:38 AM

good dear tat u got yo true luv may god bless you both take care

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phunmy says:
10 Feb, 2013 06:02 PM

It is love.... Trust each other then you are good to go!

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hacer says:
14 Feb, 2013 02:09 AM

agree with is never a love if there's no trust

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jasmin says:
18 Feb, 2013 04:27 AM

its also in a long distance relationship..we have never met in person so i know exactly what you are feeling...just have trust and faith in one another..never hide anything from open and be like best of friends..wish u both all the best..and never give up on your love :)

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pazita says:
13 Mar, 2013 04:37 PM

the same happened to me but it ended up bad i got my heart brokened ,thats good hopefully u guys get to meet each other in person

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dina says:
02 Apr, 2013 04:18 PM

u have same story with me its comepletely same omg thats great but i was meet him and a couple amonths ago we were engegement now we getting merried on june,,,,i thought just me have wierd story like this uhhhh,,,,but its awesome,,i promise to u u gonne meet him becouse he really love u and he gonne fly to meet u

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Phylburt Fagestorm says:
29 Jun, 2013 01:24 PM

Hello, I was the one who wrote that story :) Actually, we never talked now. I dont know what happen or whose fault was that but.. its really sad. Should I still believe in destiny? I made my world revolve around him and now I dunno what I am. He's gone. Goodbye but he left memories I'll never forget. Thanks for all ths comments. <3

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