21 Mar, 2018 03:26 AM
To the ones who call me perfect
To the ones that worship the ground I walk on
To the ones whose days wouldn’t work without me
To the ones that believe I am their everything
To the ones who believe I have a perfect life
Listen to what I am about to say
Listen loud and clear
What I am about to say is the truth 
What I am about to say is hard to hear
I am not the perfect girl you see
You should not worship the ground I walk on
I ensure you that your days will still go on without me
You will find another everything
My life is far from perfect
I am the girl who cries
I am the girl who cuts
I am the girl your parents warn you about
I am the girl you learn about
I am the one with depression
I am the one who wishes she could die
I am the one who dreams of happiness
I am the one who has a trouble of riding loneliness 
I am the one who cries herself to sleep
I am the one who hides behind her beautiful painted mask
The mask that no one dares to remove
The mask that sits and hides the brokenness underneath
Her face so broken and worn
That if she were to remove her mask
No one would dare recognize her
So she keeps her plastered smile and fake little laughs
She keeps them to fool the world
Keeps them to lie to herself
She so desperately wants to be normal
That she hides her brokenness underneath
Tags: Personal, Broken
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Dinesh says:
29 Mar, 2018 07:35 AM

Hi.... I need a poem for a girl..... Who just avoided me.... I if wish to help me... Please mail me.... I tell my story..

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thaandeecy Cycosan says:
23 Apr, 2018 08:32 PM

I love how sad but lovely the poem is
I'm inspired to write more till I can perfect my work

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Irene says:
28 May, 2018 06:09 AM

Your poems get me so much. Perfection is a perception. People see what they want to see, they don't try to look through to see it's just a mask. Unmask yourself and you'll be free.

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