Dear Agony


18 Dec, 2013 10:23 PM
My mind is shrouded by dark thoughts
An unbearable pain seeps through
Flashbacks scar my mind and heart
As I try to explore the truth

I don't know what to think of you
These tears burn into my skin
And a trail of broken promises
Leave a devastated sight

My fragile, glass body trembles
As the rain hits the ground
I'm blue and cold, afraid of love
I hate what you've become

It seems sometimes your nice to me
While sometimes you leave scars
It seems your quite a distance now
Unable to leave a scorching mark

But despite the distance
You still find a way to hurt me
You linger in my mind and whisper 
Your words pierce my heart again

So here I am, rejected by love
Not keeping track of what I've been through
But someday I'll be up in heaven one day
Don't worry, I'll wait for you
Tags: Agony, Love, Hate
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