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It's been almost 2 years since I wrote this story and only now that I've read your comments. Well, I just wanna say that nothing has changed since then. We never talked again, maybe he's building his own life now, and i know I'm not a part of it anymore, and i think I should accept that FACT. Though sometimes when I remember our good times, I become sad, but it suddenly becomes bittersweet because I'm still thankful that one time, I get in into his life. I admit I want him to come back, but if it's really over
Oh im so heartbroken when i read this. I just cant explain the impact on me. You're one heck of a girl. Giving up and moving on just like that is sooo hard. I've tried that. Anyway, i wish you luck and maybe you havent met your soulmate yet. Dont stop loving. Goodluck.
Aw.. We've almost the same story. The only difference is that I never had the courage to say what I really feel for him. On the contrary, i admire you for confiding your feelings to your bestfriend. It's just that he's stupid to let you go just for that "another bestfriend" of yours..
Oh gosh. Really sad. That's what's hard when you fall for your friend. You're always worrying what will happen to ur friendshp after. Just lyk me. I fell w/ my bestfriend. I just dont know how to say it.
Rikiio: hi tnx 4d comment. But I dont think it would help. Maybe's are not enough, & i see they're so happy now so I'll just got to move on. I'm a bit OK now, sharing my story helped me to ease my feelings. Tnx for the advice.?