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Name: Grace
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About Me: I love to read and write, I often spend my time in my room listening to All Time Low and drawing. Anime is amazing (Especially Beyond The Boundary and Sword Art Online). I love fantasy and love (duh) and I also love my cellphone (who wouldn't?)
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While this has never happened to me I know how it feels to be heart broken. You obviously loved her and I respect you for that. But, maybe Jen HAD to marry him for some reason that she does not want to admit. I'm so sorry that this happened, you deserve to marry her, you deserve to start a life with her and be with her. I don't know what went wrong and you don't either, so all I have to say is don't give up. Go see her, tell her you love her, and ask her once more why
Thank you, I have not attempted in around a month and have been clean from cutting for two weeks. I want to recover and I felt sharing my story would put me on the right path. I would like to thank you once again for being so kind and caring for others. I don't understand bullies they tear down the nicest people like yourself, don't they understand they are ruining lives? Don't they understand the world will not continue without kind, and caring people? This is something I have wondered for a very long time, something that is on my


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