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lets just say this hes a slut.He just comes back to u so he can use u again oks
Over one boy hmp why do u wast your time crying?was he special to u.I have been crying ever cince I was 4 maybe 3 idk.Your weak. Let me give u some advice dont trust anyone but your family dont trust your firends nore your bf.Wach your back ever where u go.You need to be strong whene I mean strong not on outside on inside dont let any one get to u oks im not trying to hurt your feelings im trying to help u cause u remind me of me.let put it this way the only thing that matters
guys look up wash it all away by Evanescene its the sadest one i herd.
cant wash it all away cant scream it all away
this poem cenects to my life gratly.


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