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There You'll Be - Faith Hill

Tags: Missing, Pearl Harbor, Music Video, Love, Faith Hill
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Wedding Dress By Taeyang

Tags: Love, Unloved, Wedding, Foreign
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death, pain, love, suicide

Gloomy Sunday (from the movie Gloomy Sunday)

The hungarian suicide song

Tags: Death, Pain, Love, Suicide
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Definitely Maybe - A short love story

A simple love story between a couple and their life.

Tags: Love, Hope
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sad, death, separation, love, pain

The one that got away

Tags: Sad, Death, Separation, Love, Pain
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death, pain, love, suicide

Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holiday

Tags: Death, Pain, Love, Suicide
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apocalyptica, cello, death, music video, love

Bittersweet - apocalyptica

Tags: Apocalyptica, Cello, Death, Music Video, Love
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illness, love, father, sacrifice

love of father

This is a beautiful story of a father and son who don't see eye-to-eye and forget what family is but they come back together when...

Tags: Illness, Love, Father, Sacrifice
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The Library

The Library - A sad and heart touching short film "Jim" falls in love with "Ann" who works at a library at first sight. The only obstacle for his love is the library's rule - "Keep Quiet." So he writes down his feeling for her in the books he borrows. Unfortunately, Ann never realizes what he does until one day she accidentally sees his messages but Jim doesn't show up at the library anymore with unknown reasons. How will this love end - in laughter or tears? Find out in "The Library"

Tags: Love
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love, support

I have no words left

Give A Little Love?

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