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Its a sad love story of two people falling in love and being committed to each other and the unexpected death of one of them.Also a msg for equal right for everyone to this..this is really good

Tags: Sad, Lost, Death, Missing, Pain, Sadness
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sad, death, separation, missing, friendship, music video

If something should happen

video song of a guy having a private talk with his best friend. He's about to have a life threatening surgery, and he's pleading with his best friend to look after his wife and make sure his son knows about him if he doesn't come through it alive.

Tags: Sad, Death, Separation, Missing, Friendship, Music Video
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death, sad, cry, suicide, sadness, music video

How do you get that lonely

tells the story of a town reeling for a kid's suicide and trying to make sense of it. the video revolves around the townspeople congregating for the boy's funeral.

Tags: Death, Sad, Cry, Suicide, Sadness, Music Video
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sad, death, departed, missing

Fate of war

about the peoples died in Ukraine in WWII...a really heart touching piece of art......

Tags: Sad, Death, Departed, Missing
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Anime: Unloved and Death

This is a video made from an anime where the protagonist's love is in love with another girl. She can't watch her being taken away. So she kills the girl and commits suicide.

Tags: Anime, Love, Suicide, Death, Unloved
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death, pain, love, suicide

Gloomy Sunday (from the movie Gloomy Sunday)

The hungarian suicide song

Tags: Death, Pain, Love, Suicide
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death, pain, love, suicide

Gloomy Sunday - Billie Holiday

Tags: Death, Pain, Love, Suicide
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missing, death, 9/11, dad, father

Daddy i miss you

Tags: Missing, Death, 9/11, Dad, Father
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Show Me the Meaning - Backstreet Boys

The saddest video ever made by Backstreet Boys.

Tags: Backstreet Boys, Sad, Lost, Breakup, Death, Music Video
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Bittersweet - apocalyptica

Tags: Apocalyptica, Cello, Death, Music Video, Love
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