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Why so unfair?


09 Oct, 2015 01:13 PM

There was this girl who is madly in love with her 4 years boyfriend. The girl taught it was forever because everything went right and they don't experience any problems. One day the boy forced the girl to come to his house and the knows that the girl is not allowed to go to his house but he really forced his girlfriend. And what the girl did is, she went to the house of the boy because she doesn't like him to get mad at her. She didn't even know what she will going to do. But into her shocked, the boy asked to have sex with him And because of her love to his boyfriend, she say "YES". 1 month pass by the girl was vomiting every morning, sleeping every day, eating a lot of green mango and she has no menstruation for almost a month. She cried a... [Read More]

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That girl who can't love

The broken girl

03 Oct, 2015 08:58 PM

Your hearts broken right? You keep asking yourself to stop loving him/her. You tell yourself- It would've been much better if I had never loved at all. See if you can say that after you read this. That girl who can't love. She can't care for anyone. Well, she can it just...hurts. She struggles with her family because she can't even say I love you to her parents without feeling like a liar. Whenever she touches someone it burns. Whenever she cares it hurts inside like her heart is broken. She tries to tell people but they always call her liar. Her parents even take her to therapy because they think something's wrong with her. They always tell her to stop harming herself when they see the bruises of a boy touching her. She's rejected five guys she's liked back because she's known the consequences. She's been to the hospital... [Read More]

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Missing u :(

Kelly Sachs

17 Sep, 2015 03:58 AM

Message to my ex... :( Dear you, I think about you every night before i go to bed. i imagine you here with me. Does it even matter anymore? no. :( Last night I got a message from him saying: "I dont know how to start this without saying im sorry but i dont know if apoligizing is good enough anymore, Youre a great person. I understand that all you wanted was me and all i did was break your heart and im sorry for that. im sorry for everything ive done. Every single second your mad at me or sad for any reason i always try to find a way to make you happy cause i like to see you happy. You didnt do anything wrong, so tell me that its all my fault and all believe you. I want us to be close friends and I want us... [Read More]

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insipiration by love


04 Sep, 2015 08:35 AM

Hi, here Dalip speaking. you can call me Danny I want to share one event that happened to me last year. I live in Delhi. I passed schooling from g.b.s.s and start pursuing engineering from BVCOE, but I am not a good student in class when I was in 12th standard then thought that I would never fall in love with a girl, but in college, I fell in love with a girl. She did not like me, but I love her so much she never thought about me, but I always thought about her. She was a princess of my dream, but my class friend told me that she is not much hot as you are thinking about her . it was wrong .she is damn hot and my first and may be the last love in life. But I figured I would say her I love you, but... [Read More]

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Confusing love


24 Aug, 2015 04:54 AM

It all started when I was about 6 he was 7. He had just gotten to this country and I was a little shy. We were at a family party. We we're just friends ,my big sister was messing with us and she pushed his face into mine. After that day I felt weird I didn't know what I was feeling I was only 6.I realized I liked him. 5 Years pasted and all i did was think of him my feelings for him got stronger. I was 11 when i first slept over his house I was so excited. He had to sleep on the floor I felt bad so I joined him .I woke up around 1a.m because I had to pee and woke him up too because I was scared of the dark I tried going back to sleep but I couldn't so he wrapped his arm... [Read More]

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First Love


07 Aug, 2015 12:18 AM

It wasn't love at first sight. I'll never over exaggerate the way I felt about you, because that makes it not real. You are 100% real to me. I remember the first time I met you though. I thought you were attractive. You were sitting on a heater with your girl. Looking so in love, I looked at you guys for a minute and thought that you would be the one to break her heart. In my book guys used girls, didn't really have any feelings. I never seen someone in love. My parents weren't, that's for sure. Guys always scared me. I didn't have good experiences with them in my life. Until you. This is gonna sound exaggerated or maybe weird but, one thing is for sure, I'll never be ashamed of the way I feel about you. It started when I saw you one morning, you were a... [Read More]

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My Story of Love & Regret


18 Jul, 2015 06:40 PM

Forgive me if my story seems kinda long but it's something that I just have to let out. This all started when I was in high-school. I was in my first semester of 11th grade when I had seen these two exchange students that came to my school. When I saw them I thought they were a couple because they were always together so I paid no mind to them, but one thing that I couldn't ignore was the fact this girl...she had me hypnotized which was weird because it never had happened to me before. So I started asking around for this exchange student. I went towards my friends and they did the one thing I couldn't, they talked to her (I know I was pathetic). I tried like about 3 or 4 times talking to her but I couldn't I simply couldn't. Everytime I tried I ended up... [Read More]

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Losing more than timing...


25 May, 2015 06:12 AM

Love, romance, and partnerships aren't something that belong to me. I will always lose out. Timing is everything in life, and sometimes, your potential love life is not the only thing at stake, if you lose or miss your timing, it is possible to lose even more... I tend to stay quiet and will almost always let my friend win, and this is the story of how I lost everything... ----------------------------------------- And this is my story: My best friend of 15 years, we knew everything about each other, could communicate with looks, or at least that's what I thought. The guy I like... my crush of 5 years, crushing on him since the first day of high school when I saw him as that really hot guy on the other side of the courtyard.... until we were in the same math class together, at first he was just cute, but... [Read More]

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I'll never stop


07 May, 2015 10:49 AM

So there I was, January of 2012 and I just started working at this diner. No one could have warned me about the person I was about to get to know.. Before we talk about her, here is some back ground about me. When I was 15, I went through the most gruesome experiences in my life. I was pissed off all the time, I hated everything and everyone and I contemplated suicide everyday. I started to grow out of it as I went through my high school years. I graduated and just kept working. I still got angry easily and didn't love myself as I should. I was fighting with my parents 24/7 and sleeping in my car at a walmart parking lot. I kept these things mostly to myself around friends and coworkers because I didn't want their help. Let's jump back. So, I was a busser at... [Read More]

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What have I done??


30 Dec, 2013 02:27 AM

I have just recently had a tough time dealing with my relationship and having gone thru the internet searching for answers, I stumble upon this website. Having read some of the stories from those who have posted, I thought I should just share mine as well, just to get it off my chest if you know what I mean. Well here is what really happened just in details because I don't want to publish a book…. I met this pretty nice lady when I first came to work in this small town in 2008. She has all the qualities anyone could have dreamt of and I was happy to have met her. It was during that year that I asked her out and she agreed. Having learnt from some of my friends that she has just been thru a divorce, I wasn’t rushing her in to anything but taking things... [Read More]

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