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~The nerd of the school and young love~


24 Sep, 2012 04:58 PM

Note: this is a true story involving me, my childhood and my grade 6 crush. So what ever I'm telling you is true :) -- I was the nerd of the school! Big huge glasses and braces. I was a bit chubby because I was still in puberty.I've always liked Gabriel myself. We had the same last name! Everyone told me that 'it's not going to happen, so don't even try'. It always made me angry when ever someone said that. Gabriel and myself were somewhat on good terms. One day, Mr. M (our teacher) was choosing partners for a weather project. I suddenly turned my head to his attention when he said that me and Gabriel were going to be partners. I guess you could say I was nervous. But the girls gave me a dirty eye roll look. I couldn't do anything now! We both always stayed after... [Read More]

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7th April -The Day That Changed My Life


02 Oct, 2010 09:58 AM

Its a true story. Its my story.From where should I begin I don't know but i want to write, express my feelings into words. I remember the date i 1st saw her it was 7 April . 1st day of my class IX. I saw her for the first time. She was not so beautiful but her simple,helpful nature, simply touched my heart . I could not stop my self watching her whole day and on my way going to my home i realized it was nothing else then love. i used to think about her all day and each day i fell more in love with her . i was a poor student in studies , my nature was also not up to the mark.I wanted to change myself so that wen i propose to her she wont get any reason to reject me. Then started a phase of... [Read More]

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Should this end?


08 Sep, 2010 01:16 AM

This is my true story. Story of a sweet, caring, ambitious hindu indian girl and a passionate, violent, introvert muslim indian boy. PLEASE DO COMMENT. 7th grade: I am new in school. I quickly make friends, lots n lots of them. Loved by seniors, juniors, classmates and teachers. Basically, it dint take a cheerful,vibrant, honest n stupid girl (me) long to become popular. 8th grade: I am class monitor. Involved in numerous co-curricular activities. We become friends. We implies for me, corey and drew. (No, its not a triangular love story) 9th grade: I get to know more and more about corey. I think I have a crush on him. But we don?t talk much cause he is an introvert orthodox. He is everything anyone can ask for. Thin, toned, dark, humorous, intelligent (topper to be appropriate), serious, observant, a quizman, trustworthy, and most importantly, mature. No, he isnt boring.... [Read More]

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Not the World


07 Sep, 2010 10:46 PM

There is nothing in this story about a life full of abuse, a cheating lover, or a biography of an outcast. It's just the ramblings of a normal teenager who got to caught up in lies and gossip. It all started when a friend I'll call "Narcissus" decides to ask my friend "Sati" what she truthfully thinks of him. Now Sati plays D&D with me and she was in a group that I was running with him. I had to agree with her when she thought he was a "Rule Nazi" as we like to call people who argue about every little rule. We get into a heated debate and are now very cross with each other. Normally this wouldn't be a problem except his is joining a group I play with that I use to think differently of. The first time I played with this said group I use... [Read More]

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02 Sep, 2010 08:52 PM

I hope your happy because I'm the one who was casted into this darkness broken, battered and used. I remember when i first meet u. I was friends with your bros and one day we were talking about video games before class freshmen year. It was Friday and we were ready for the weekend. They asked me to come hang out over at your house to play rock band. I said sure why not? just tell me when and where and I'll b there. They told me Saturday around 1pm and gave me directions. So Saturday rolls around and i headed over there. I acted casual cause it was someone elses house you saw me but i didn't see you till later. While playing video games put of the corner of my eye i see you texting your bro. Being carefree i don't pay too much attention and started focusing... [Read More]

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missin you

selena keller-epps

23 Aug, 2010 02:35 PM

i looked at him. he looked so familiar i took a closer look. it was him i had met him in the third grade then fell in love with him in fifth. when i left for a year i forgot about him. then i came back and went to my friends house and she goes to church so i went with her it was fun until there i saw him he looked so different. he was staring at me and so i kinda gave a little stare and a quick smirk. he followed me around for a little while then i started to get a little pissy do i asked him if he had a problem. he grabbed my arm so i knocked him out (we were in a church mind you) about a week later he came to my school and he was new but he was so handsome... [Read More]

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my best friend

selena keller-epps

20 Aug, 2010 02:06 PM

this story is about my friend othen it isa true story and everything that i have said here is true and really happened. I had known othen since the first grade and i guess you could say i was a bit of a tom boy. me and othen were the best of friends all through school. I found out that othen liked me the first day of seventh grade at pinnacle canyon academy in price, utah. He asked me out and i decided to go out with him. Othen and i had been dating about a week and othen had gotten this beautiful diomand necklace from his older sister katherine. I was a little creeped out because we had only been dating for a week when he gavin it to me at lunch one day at school but, i knew othen well so i had accepted it. In junior high... [Read More]

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you killed me


17 Aug, 2010 04:50 PM

when i first saw each other we hated each other we argued. until one day in class we were bored & i decided to have a bit of fun. i asked you if u wanted to play a game u said alright. we played and played until the period was over. i started to like you as a friend.he loved me as a friend. we hang out and talked. then i took you as a relative of my family. he took me as a relative. after a month of being with you i started liking you so much i didn't want to stop seeing you. one day i found out you liked me. i decided to tell you that i also had feelings for you. then started our relation-ship. after months of being together my feelings for him got stronger. his feelings also have grew. i told him that i... [Read More]

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