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We Lost Our Happily Ever After


06 Aug, 2010 12:08 AM

I was there. You were there. The both of us. In the same place. Meant to be together, but miles apart. That's what those last months felt like. Our love was lost, now just a faded photograph tucked away in the pages of our life's story. We tried desperately to hold on to what we once had, what we once felt. Everything that was important had slipped through our fingers. Your heart had fallen into another's hands, and mine was shattered and repaired. I was no longer yours, and you were no longer mine, but we pushed on. Our relationship was tattered around the edge's and coming apart at the seams. We knew what was happening, and yet you did nothing. Our last conversation consisted of small talk and Donnie Darko. That was the last time that our minds were in the same place, doing the same thing. I don't... [Read More]

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Part two, Twist in my story

Tina Adams

11 Feb, 2014 01:57 PM

It’s been over three years since Jack and I were a thing. And I still miss him everyday. Some days are easier then the rest and others I feel as though a knife is ripping through my heart. When I think of him I feel sad, sometimes even angry at him and myself, and other times I just really feel empty. I’ve begun to regret ever being intimate with him though I know it was our intimacy that brought us so close together. Why is it what once felt so right feels so wrong now? Three years, in those three years we’ve probably talked a handful of times. A few texts here and there at first but after a while even those stopped. Now the only time I hear his name is when I’m told by AJ the girl he once and probably still loves that he wishes me a... [Read More]

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to young to know


12 May, 2016 10:53 PM

when i was younger not long to go i knew this man and he was my uncle and he did some thing to me i didnt no like this is my story the annie hopes story WELCOME HOME...... Well it all started out like this it was may,28,1999 and my mothers brother i didn't know he was in jail most of my childhood . well he said she knew me but i didnt really know him he said wow its been so long i seen you ....... i ran to my mother with complete fear she said well dear dont be afraid this is your uncle chuck and he been in jail for such a long time she said to me oh it will probaly take some time for her to get use to you as my mother rubbed my back and i stood there just looking into his eyes... [Read More]

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