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I Remember You


04 Apr, 2013 02:16 AM

I remember you in junior high. You were a year younger than me so of course we didn't socialize, but I liked you. You were dating another geek. You ran track. You played the trumpet. I remember you in high school. The marching band went to a trip to Hollywood, and my friend and I (who weren't really part of it but along for the ride anyway) ran into you and your friends and decided that you all were much more fun than the people that we were stuck with. I remember listening to you play 'Round Midnight. I remember feeling a stirring in the pit of my stomach. I remember you during my Senior Prom. We called it the anti-Prom because we all couldn't afford tickets so we went out, me and my boyfriend, you and your girlfriend, and my friend and her boyfriend, all part of the same... [Read More]

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