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Mason and I

Carter Mullins

28 Dec, 2012 10:00 AM

Mason Ledet was the guy everyone loved, dreamed about and I wont lie even I dreamed about him once, or twice. He was the guy who you walked up to just to smile at. We first met in 5th grade we didn't talk much but we were friends none the less. Mason Ledet was my friend and he felt like family to every one he met. Mason talked to me and I talked back. Then one day we went to middle school and we barley saw each other. Middle school was a new start for me trying to get out of my depression. It was time to start fresh then sadly in 8th grade the unspeakable happened. Mason his brother Paul, and his uncle and dad where on the news. At first I was like all right he is on the news so naturally I text him. I pause the... [Read More]

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Give and Take Away

Natalie Winslow

20 Nov, 2012 10:09 PM

Hello everyone. I wanted to share the inspiring story of a little baby boy who still lives in my school's hearts and in heaven today. I am an upperclassman in high school at a small private school. There was a little boy that was the brother of an elementary school boy at my school, who was born with many health problems. We prayed and prayed for this little baby boy to live. At some times, it seemed he would he would miraculously recover, but then a week later, he would relapse back into sickness. This little baby boy fought, though, with all of his strength. He'd never seen the walls of his home, only those of the hospital room, yet he persevered. He was the image of courage, and found a place in the hearts of all of us at my tiny private school. Well, one day, he seemed to... [Read More]

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