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Heart broken


30 Jan, 2012 12:25 AM

I thought that me and Donald will be together forever. After he arrived in Cebu, it was like our relationship goes strong. I felt in love with him everyday. I was motivated to do stuffs everyday knowing that I am deeply in love with a guy whom for three years I kept my feelings. I was then imagining what my married life would be with him. Until one time when I was with him, i got a strange feeling that somethings wrong with him. I asked him many times about it. I even asked him if he found another girl. He said no. Hearing that made me feels fine but then again as I was texting him or calling him, that sense or feeling of being cheated comes to my mind. December 25, 2011, we met. I was so excited for that day. We shared the time together feeling like... [Read More]

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my Liar bf


18 May, 2011 06:01 AM

So here is my story, I used to go to chart room and I met this guy online at that time I was in love with someone else and I was dating him, I left him after a few months and started talking to this guy online from United States and I was in England he made me feel so special that I started loving him, I was so crazy about him I was in so much love with him that I would do anything for him he asked, and I would believe anything he said, one day I logged in to his face book and saw a message from some old woman about him proposing her and calling her dad to arrange everything I was shocked when I asked him he made this funny excuse that it might be his friend n he?s got his password so I said... [Read More]

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