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Forever Gone


17 Jul, 2015 02:15 AM

This year in high school, i lost the love of my life, heart, soul, and everything. I loved this boy like no other. I would go to the moon and back for him and what he didn't know is that i would've done anything and everything for him. I let my guard down, open up my heart, and show him everything i had to offer. But him and me been on and off every since 9th grade year. When we first got together we clicked like that. We stayed talking 24/7, he always walked me to class, gave me kisses and hugs. He never fronted in from of his homeboys til after we broke up. Like he was everything i always wanted. He showed me how to be myself and got through my walls that i build around my heart. But when we broke up the first time it was... [Read More]

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I missed him


08 Jul, 2015 01:28 PM

This is my story with my partner three years ago. I just want this to be shared so that you will know how much I love him. It was March of 2011 when I first met him. That was the day I took the entrance examination for tertiary level. It was a typical scene where I asked him where was the nearest toilet (the nature's calling me). He smirked and accompany me to the toilet. As I went out to the toilet, I grabbed the opportunity again to asked where's the accreditation room. He told me that he was about to go there. I sighed knowing that we were going together to the accreditation room. To cut this story short, he was our examiner. I was shocked! He suddenly laughed to my reaction. After the examination, he called my name. He walked towards me and asked if he could have... [Read More]

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A Ride to a Heartbreak


26 Jun, 2015 05:00 AM

A fool, I am! I've fell for the person I swore off to because I knew my best friend like him, and because he had loved her and still love her. Why did I have to go and break my own heart? My story will be long, but to understand it, you must read the next three paragraphs. And I surely hope that he don't ever read this. Let my memories serve me wrong, but from it, I remember being sexually abuse. Let my past serve me right, but from it, I become a villain. And villains don't get happy endings. Although I don't know if my memories are true, I remembered being sexually assault by no one but my family members, and it left me crippled because now I felt used, dirty, ugly and broken. I felt like I was the bad person in everything I did. I felt... [Read More]

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I won't forget you

Broken hearted

10 May, 2015 01:36 AM

When I first ' met ' you I thought you weren't going to be as important as you are now . We became friends , then best friends . I was able to tell you anything , and the same for you . Our late night conversations seemed endless . You suddenly became single! I was sad yet somewhat happy . I was sad since the person you had broken up with was my best friend . But I guess I was also a bit happy since I had developed a small secret crush on you . Then and there you asked me out . The break up happened through text messages as well as when you asked me out . I stupidly said yes . You went on and on about how happy you were to call me yours . We kept a secret from your ex ( my... [Read More]

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Stay with me now

Ryder gordon

03 May, 2015 05:51 AM

It has been about 2 years since she died, and I never got to tell her how I felt. Her name was Sadie and we were 13 years old and everyday we spent together we grew closer. We have been best friends since she moved here in grade 1, I can still remember the first day we met... I was playing out side with a toy helicopter when I my mom came out side saying that some one was moving in across the street. She told me to go and offer to help them, I gave her the look you give your mom when you don't want to do something. But she won that argument of course, I ended up over on there yard just standing there when they came out side to grab some more boxes. "Hi I'm Ryder" I said as I said in a loud but quiet... [Read More]

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She was Amber


24 Feb, 2015 08:01 PM

I met her one September night on a fairly popular dating site. She messaged me out of nowhere and we struck up a conversation. I don't know what it was about her, but she instantly had my full attention. We talked all night. At least 6 hours of delightful conversation. I was hooked. We met in person that morning. She was wonderful. Beautiful, funny, intelligent... everything I could have hoped for. Almost instantly we were inseparable. We never spent more than a day apart from the first moment. We spent many wonderful days in that fashion. She, meeting me right as I left work. Having breakfast together. Exploring our shared interests, learning the things we had in common, just enjoying the company of one another. In less than a month she was spending more time at my home than hers. I could not have been happier. One day, while we... [Read More]

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the boy in my neighborhood


01 Feb, 2015 02:10 AM

My first day of Middle school, I walked to the bus stop. As I stood there waiting for the bus a car stopped in front of me and he stepped out of it. I had never seen this boy before so I asked, "are you a 6th grader also?" He nodded his head and that was the last time I communicated with him for the rest of the year. The next school year my friend and I were talking on the ride home from school. He was sitting in the seat behind me so I decided to include him in our conversation, "So, who do you have for math?" He looks at me and tells me his teacher's name, "wow, so do I." I say. he smiles, "I know, you are in my class?" I gave him a confused look, "Really?" He laughs a little, "Yes," he assures me. And... [Read More]

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i love you now, i always will


25 Jan, 2015 02:46 AM

It all started five years ago, when i first met him. I was in grade eight and he was in grade seven. It was the first day of school, we both lived close to each other and took the same school bus to get to school and to go back. It wasn't excatly love at first sight, in fact it was more like we where just on same bus or i know that person but we aren't really friends. Soon it all changed. I would see him everyday, not only because we took the same bus but in school too. We where just friends and at first i could never see myself liking. This friends thing went on for about a year. We later became best friends. At the end of my grade nine, excatly the last day, i came out on the bus with my eyes full of tears.... [Read More]

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13 Nov, 2014 01:42 AM

Well, let me start of with ages. I'm Brook and i'm 14 at this time, and Will was 18. Four years apart, not too bad. We started talking in July of 2013. We met on a website called "omegle" basically, you connect with strangers who share common interests and hopefully build conversations. I still remember our very first conversation. "M or F," -Will "F, you?" - Me "M." -Will "Cool." -Me -- Haha! Soo romantic. But, we weren't into relationships then and there seeing he was from North Carolina and I'm from Ohio. We basically started talking nonstop for months on end. He soon enough became my best-friend. We would come to one another and vent about anything really. He was a total sweetheart and i actually started to like him. There wasn't a day we didn't talk honestly. We haven't heard each other's voice or actually skyped and i... [Read More]

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Lost Love...


30 Sep, 2014 01:56 AM

Summer of 2004, I was 16 years old a sophomore in high school.. My friends called me and told me they would be going down to the beach for a bonfire and asked if i would like to join... Well i didn't have anything to do so i said sure lets go... Little did i know i would meet someone that day that would change my life for ever... His name was Andrew he was also a sophomore... Might as well state now that he was not my type, haha.. He was white/mexican, bald head, baggy clothes, and a weed smoker (Hey i was fun, but at that time i definitely had not experimented with any drugs), pretty much what people would call a "gangster" except he did not claim a set.. Andrew had shown up with some friends.. One of them was dating one of the friends i showed... [Read More]

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