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a day that ends everything .

Andrea Nicole Lopez

13 Jul, 2010 05:38 PM

A boy and a girl dated for 7 months , it was at school where everything started and was to take an end : He was about to break up with the girl after lunch , but when he heard saying that the girl would suicide if he breaks up with the girl , he changed his mind . . . After school , when the girl heard that the boy wanted to break up with the girl but didn't , she went to talk with the boy face to face for about 25min. about what she heard and stuff . So 25min. passed , they were more silent than talking then they look at each other's eyes without saying a word. Suddenly , the girl decided to ask him if he'll be capable to stay with her with the difficulty that they were both handling on their relation and... [Read More]

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Just Friends


11 Jul, 2010 06:21 AM

I dont get it, everytime that someone hurts him he come running to me.I mean im sick of this,I just want him to know that i love him so much and i dont want us to be just friends.He already knows that i like him,but i dont think that he likes me back, yeah he said he does but i dont believe him,im not that gulliable. It hurts when he said i love you and i know that he just loves me AS A FRIEND.And now i heard that he's planning to court his ex girlfriend again. I mean doesnt he get tired?!? and when this girl will broke up with he's gonna come back running to me again?i dont wanna be the rebound or the one he comes running to when his heart got broken.I wanna be the one who he'll love forever and i will never ever hurt... [Read More]

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A love that was Sealed in my Heart


11 Jul, 2010 01:59 AM

I'm Bradella but my friends call me Brandy; I am 14 years old and a sophomore. I am the average kind of girl; I'm not popular however I got good grades in all my subjects. But honestly I hate school. I only have few friends whom I can trust; I am not new to my school hence I've been studying there for 8 years since my first grade. I'm just not the out-goer type, I am shy-I just stay at home during Saturdays and Sundays and even during holidays. I don't also attend much to parties even if they had invited me. Let me start my story during the opening of school; I enter my school with my small bag filled with a paper, a notebook and a ball pen. It always been like that during first days, we don't go on with classes immediately, we use that day to... [Read More]

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How Much Lo Hurts!


06 Jul, 2010 07:57 PM

Well, how should I start this? I am 16 years old! I have lost the person who meant the world to me! here is my story! My name is Carolyn... I am still In love with this guy, his name was James! Well this is our story, the day I met him, I had like a week that I broke up with my boyfriend, ugh, he broke my hard badly, I was so tired of the same old story, that I thought prince charming was not going to appear in my life, never! So I was all depressed, my friend Norma Calls me "Hey Lynee, let's go to this party, is at my boyfriend's cousin's house" Me: "Ah I don't know, I am not in the mood" Norma:"Come on, just come with me, I promise if you start feeling bad, I'll drive you back home!" Well, I agreed, & told... [Read More]

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WHY?? another broken heart...i just dont get!!!


11 Jun, 2010 02:14 AM

everyone thinks that being a teen is awesome...but what they dont realize is all the drama and heartbreaks there are, i know from experience. i was dating this guy named john, he was the most amazing guy i have ever met. we dated for a while and then he ended it.the worst thing of it all was he broke up with me on the day 9/11. from the time i woke up that morning i was telling everyone that something bad was going to happen...but never did i think that something bad was going to happen to me. well he ended it and then i fount out that the girl that was suppose to be my friend was dating him....THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE !!! i got really depressed and started cutting my wrist. while we were dating i told him that if anything would ever come between us... [Read More]

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Never Again


07 Jun, 2010 03:09 AM

He liked her for years. She ignored him , til one day when she realized what she was missing out on. Everyone knew they were meant for each other. During winter break they texted all day and all night. And she was falling inlove. She wanted to believe he felt the same way because of all the beautiful things he would tell and how special she felt when he touched her. He was her everything. And she waited everynight for 11:11 to come and she would wish he felt the same way. Her wish had came true , at last. Or so she thought. When school started again he barely said two words to her. That alone crushed her world much less seeing him with another girl. He had moved on and was flirting with other girls. While the one that really gave a damn about was slowly dying of... [Read More]

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Love Lost Forever


07 Jun, 2010 12:01 AM

So there was this boy who changed my life and I his. His name was Benjamin Nathan Ailmens. He was my love, my life, my everything. We shared our love for 4 years. We were the ideal perfect couple;soul mates. Life was going great, until his dad who was a pilot had to transfer to California for his job. He broke my heart the day he told me he was leaving. But what made it even worse was that he didn't want to leave. He wanted to stay:He wanted to stay for me. But because I loved him I had to let him go:Go over 1000 miles away from me. Before he left he made me promise to never forget him. He made me promise to look for him in years ahead of us. As we said our goodbyes our hearts broke. 9 Months went by no word from him.... [Read More]

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My Regret


03 Jun, 2010 05:07 AM

I have a girlfriend before, her name is "Princess". She is 16 years old while I"m 17 years old. I was in a mall that time when my ex girlfriend saw me with my new girlfriend. She talk with me with her friends and her friends corner my new girlfriend at the edge of the ladder.My ex girlfriend told me that she still love me, I was speechless that time.Then my ex girlfriend talk to my new girlfriend, I have no idea what they are talkin about and after a minute, my new girlfriend came to me crying and she walked away from me.I don't know what's happening that time.And that night my new girlfriend broke up with me.I don't know what to do that time when she told me that she is breaking up with me.I love her very much and I don't want to lose her.I love her... [Read More]

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01 Jun, 2010 12:44 PM

ther's a girl that in love with a man and been with him for 2years there are so really sweet each other and every weeken the girl need to go home from her store coz her fiancee wanted to see her and talk to her on the cam coz they are so far away from each other but there heart are so close each other and one day the girl find out that she has leukemia but she didn't say it to anybody but she cant hind it to her fiance... her fiancee find out that she is dying and her fiancee is so worried and one day the girl family found the piece of paper from the doctor and her mum read it and the tears start to fall down and her mum tell her why its you? why all that i love the most need to die? the... [Read More]

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My Mistake...


20 May, 2010 10:03 PM

Sitting on the abandoned train tracks; Sitting on the docks, dipping out toes in the freezing water; Sneaking away from reality to escape to a fantasy where I was the gorgeous heroine and he was my hero; Spending all night together... This was a normal day for me. It was about one month from the ending of school, when I met Drew. He was all I could ever ask for in a million years. I'm not going to lie, I have been in love before, but this was different. Maybe it was the fact he was a few years older than I and I hadn't dated an older man? I dunno. But it was surely different. From that month on, school was shot to hell because I spent every second with Drew. And I mean every second. I would sneak out almost every night and spend the whole night with... [Read More]

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