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알켄즈 강

24 Jul, 2016 02:24 PM

O nce upon a time there lived a girl named Beth. She was a youthful girl of 21 years old. She lived with her parents and siblings~ everyone used to love her. She was in spotlight everywhere she used to go because she was pretty and had charming personality. Even though she was a bit chubby but her personality was so mesmerizing that people wanted to be with her as long as they could. Everything was going well~ when one day she meets a guy~ a guy of her dreams~ Charles was a 24 years old Medical graduate~ He was living an independent life in London though he belonged to a very rich family. But he always wanted to do things on his own without anyone’s help, so here he was living a peaceful life on his own. He had everything one could think of but there was one thing... [Read More]

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Rose between the thorns


21 Jul, 2016 06:44 PM

Hi everyone. This is my first story so please dont mind the grammatical errors and the long story. I read many stories in this site n they are all great. I dont know if this story even qualify as an ok one but i am not writing this for ratings but to try and get over these feelings i have. I was in 8 std when it happened I was a shy, silent boy. It was another boring first day in school after summer break and i was sitting there thinking what to do at school. Then like a bolt from the blue the teacher walk in with a girl, a girl that will change me forever. The teacher introduced her to us. She was the rose,she wasthe prettiest girl i have ever seen. And on seeing her suddenly these feelings,ones i have never felt before came to me. At... [Read More]

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Fake Smile and a Heartbeat


20 Jul, 2016 11:26 AM

So, it's currently 1.13PM and I'm on my bed, typing this story because I have no one to talk to. I'm Gwen, people call me that and I think that's a beautiful name. I have issues with my family for I know that I am a failure in front of their eyes. Earlier I had a misunderstanding with my dad, just because he saw me and judged that I'm not being productive at the moment but he's wrong, I'm always productive but they just wont see it. My mom, my mom who always scold me for being a stupid daughter which is (I think) true. I'm stupid for being a daughter who actually have a lot of things going on inside her head. I haven't told them I'm bisexual because I wouldn't know if they would appreciate my own sexuality. I'm just seriously too depressed, I have no one to... [Read More]

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My collection of sadness.


30 Mar, 2016 06:24 PM

It’s time again to ponder about what zyan is feeling again. To be honest I’m holding back the tears that express how I’m feeling right now. I’m sad, depressed, lost, confused, and scared. This talk of cece and I breaking up and her moving on right away to some other person hurts. That’s how you know that your relationship is poor and going down hill. I’m hurting everyday because of this feeling. I don’t want this feeling. It hurts so much and I hold onto it like I’m holding a knife and pressing up against my skin waiting for the time until I crack down and decide to finally cut myself and bleed out. I want love and compassion from my partner and when it feels like you're the only one contributing to the relationship it hurts. You’re confused whether she’s interested in you still or not. There are many... [Read More]

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The Jilting of a Lifetime


07 Apr, 2016 03:48 AM

This is not my story but rather of someone I know. I don't know many details, so this is fiction based off of a real story which remains untold to this day. Alright, this is going to be a great day! I'm going to go to church, lead worship, and maybe, just maybe I'll get noticed and invited somewhere. Thus were the thoughts of young twenty-year-old Jay Crenshaw (not his real name). Poor Jay was obsessed with math, music, Jesus, sports, and chess. He was very talented. He was also extremely socially awkward. When he arrived at this new church who wanted him to play piano for them, he was full of optimistic thoughts. How could anything go wrong? In fact, nothing went wrong that night but a few years in the future. That night, he met a wonderful girl named Angela who loved God. She saw past his social... [Read More]

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My first love ... ??


26 Feb, 2016 04:09 AM

It all started a few weeks before school started.... I was finally in grade seven and we were starting a fresh new year! I wanted this one to be a really good one after the bullying incident that happened last year (my best friend bullied my other rlly close friend and broke us apart and got us into a lot of trouble, but now we're all friends again ????) Anyways... The first couple of weeks of school were really boring we'd just go to school sit there listen to lectures all day and then go back home and mostly watch Netflix and do the homework in the car the next morning... Then a couple of months into the school year (during November -ish) I got a dm on insta and it was a guy from my class that was best buds w my older bro so he was kinda close... [Read More]

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It's not worth it

Emily Felix

01 Feb, 2016 06:06 PM

All my life I was bullied. No matter where I moved I was bullied. My first school I went to was Bakman Elementary. Life was great until I had to move in third grade. I went to Roeding Elementary. I didn't have any friends no one would talk to me I felt lonely. My mom would always encourage me to make some friends. One day I finally listened to her and decided to talk to some of my classmates. This girl named Aioni, she seemed nice so I went to say hi. She politely said hi back. I thought I made a friend. A couple of days later I met this boy named Isaac. We sat by each other in class. He was funny and cool so I hung out with him at recess. Aioni seen us at recess and started to get jealous. I didn't know she liked him.... [Read More]

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22 Oct, 2015 04:47 AM

There was this guy named tyler, he is my step brother's friend, he has been a family friend for a long time. He and i never really got along i always thought he was annoying and just a pain, he was just always their and i never could stand him. One day he writes me on facebook, we have a causal conversation nothing too bad or good. He started flirting with me, my mind was in a million places at once trying to get the fact that he was actually flirting, i never seen him in any other way then just someone i knew that i thought was annoying, he started telling me he would shower me with compliments and that he would treat me right all the things he knew i wanted to hear. we kept our conversations private so no one would know we were talking, but it... [Read More]

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Ever feel you're not good enough?


15 Oct, 2015 09:15 PM

I just found this website today and I thought maybe this site can help me out even if it's a little bit. Just in advance forgive me for my spelling and grammar. For this story I'm going to use fake names. Rose will be the name of my girlfriend and Alex will be the name of the guy my girlfriend kind of fell for. My name is also under an alias just for privacy reasons. This may be a really long story sorry in advance. Where to start... I guess I should give a story about the past. Rose is still my current girlfriend, we have been together for nearly 3 years. I started dating her in grade nine, and we are currently in grade 12 nine. She's my first girlfriend, and in the 3 years we've been together, we have been through a lot of ups and downs together.... [Read More]

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Why so unfair?


09 Oct, 2015 01:13 PM

There was this girl who is madly in love with her 4 years boyfriend. The girl taught it was forever because everything went right and they don't experience any problems. One day the boy forced the girl to come to his house and the knows that the girl is not allowed to go to his house but he really forced his girlfriend. And what the girl did is, she went to the house of the boy because she doesn't like him to get mad at her. She didn't even know what she will going to do. But into her shocked, the boy asked to have sex with him And because of her love to his boyfriend, she say "YES". 1 month pass by the girl was vomiting every morning, sleeping every day, eating a lot of green mango and she has no menstruation for almost a month. She cried a... [Read More]

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