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A Ghost For Life- Love Is Hatred & Vice Versa


12 Oct, 2010 11:51 AM

She looked at him as he made his way past her to the gym. She smiled but received none. She Loved him dearly for 3 years but he never seemed to care. It was her 16th birthday, the day she confessed to him with hope in her eyes and heart that he would at least accept her as a friend if not a girlfriend, but instead he said, "I am not really in need for a girlfriend right now. Will tell you when i need one." Saying this he went off laughing with his friends. She was hurt. More than she could've ever felt. The pain in her heart that she bore rose the more she talked of him. She was just a freshman in her freshmen years. She wasn't like any one of those popular girls with hot clothes on every season or week. She wasn't even one of... [Read More]

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Your breathe


01 Oct, 2010 10:13 PM

he held my waist tight for one last time, then as quick as he had appeared he vanished, stolen from me. right from within my hands. i was left in darkness, for days i didn't eat, i had no sleep & when i finally shut my eyes all i could see was his face, that smile haunted me for days, weeks even. my parents thought i was going crazy. i heard them talking one night, which was a surprise because i haven't heard them have 1 civilized conversation 4 13 years. i was scared. terrified. i was alone for days on end. when was this gonna end. when was this hole going to go away ? i thought about death, how it would ease the pain, but then it hit me, he didn't want me to end up like this! he promised he would come back to me one day,... [Read More]

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Is It Love or Not


04 Jan, 2010 03:51 PM

Well I Met Him 2 years ago at the pool. he was gorgeous but he started to date my cousin, then broke up with her. we were very good friends...he would smile and blush every time someone said my name. well he stopped talking to me for about 6 months then came back around valentines and asked me if I wanted to be his valentine. I said yes, he took pictures of us and glued them to a bored with i love you hearts and etc. HE ALSO PUT ROSES, REAL ROSES ON IT!!! it was so sweet but on Valentine night i almost got in a really bad car accident. he was at his friends when i called him crying, cause i was so scared he rushed to his house and i was waiting for him he hugged me tight and we stood like that for well over a... [Read More]

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