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Once Was Love


25 Mar, 2013 01:06 AM

When I met him he was my night in shining armor he did everything right he made me proud to call him mine. I thought that what we felt would never change then one day he asked me to marry him, it was a dream coming true. He made me go crazy. He just did everything that I thought no one could ever do for me My life was wonderfully going right after everything I went through. I knew he was mine he was the one I wanted to spend my life with. But then it all changed. we were taking about having kids and being the happy family getting our own place and living a great life. Then he just started changing. It all came from him. He didn't wanted a family and all. He wanted to do was play the game. I didn't understand. I thought everything was... [Read More]

Tags: Love, Hate, Heartbroken, Lost, Hurt, Sad, Unloved
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My Life Story

Zak Keller

28 Jan, 2013 05:21 PM

My life never was too good or easy or what you have. When I was 4 years old I lived on long island, had friends that actually gave a crap about me. But it wasn't always sunshine, that was when I watched my mother be abused day after day. Then in less than a year me and my mom moved to Pennsylvania I was glad I never had to watch it again but I was so depressed coz I lost all my friends. I guess you can say I moved on but I still miss them. After we moved here I joined school, it was kindergarten and I was starting to make friends. I was happy, but I didn't notice how cruel I was being to kids who were my friends. I would bully them and now I feel horrible but there's nothing I can do you know? In first... [Read More]

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The Oblivious


09 Jan, 2013 06:37 AM

I suppose in my life, I've been pretty lucky. I live in a house, I have dogs and friends and I go to school. Yet, as many people do, I looked for more. I yearned for danger and not the infinity of routine. A boy met me, and I met him. The next 5 years were hectic because we were oblivious to the fact that we were not a compatible couple, or even friends really. We were destructive and abusive in so many ways. We were never even officially a couple, we were people who loved each other but couldn't stand commitment. He fell in love with another woman, I fell in love with another man. We drifted after awhile, though I should have seen love cannot drift so easily, but I was naive. Even though we saw other people, we still loved each other. By coincidence we saw each... [Read More]

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Friends Versus Girlfriend

Phylburt Fagestorm

30 Dec, 2012 12:26 PM

It was late at night and Isabella called and called Trevor but he does not answer. He just texted her that he was at a friend's. It's been a couple of weeks since Trevor start to become busy with his friends and the fact that he never have time to text or chat Bella made her feel insecure. One night, Bella cried so she texted Trevor, "Are we fighting?" but there's no reply "What did I do to u?" But still no reply.. So She called Him Trevor: Oh Sorry, Babe my phone is in silent Bella: where are you? Trevor: I'm at a friend's Bella: Again?! Trevor: Why? are you mad? Bella: Don't you know what it is now? Trevor: What? what do you mean? Bella: I'll go there, where's that house? Trevor: You can't go in here Babe!! Bella: Why Not?! Trevor: J--Just don't go! Then Trevor ended... [Read More]

Tags: Sadness, Death, Waiting, Sorrow, Alone, Friendship, Depressed, Cry, Tears, Hate, Guilt, Missing, Heartbroken
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My nightmare life.


23 Nov, 2012 11:34 PM

So, this is my life, my story and my pain. This isn't a love story or any of that stuff this is my story, my entire story. You the people reading this will know how it all started, and how it ended. This story is all true, nothing made up. I hope you learn some stuff from this story. It all started in middle school. I had a lot of cool, Truthful and Helpful friends, at least I thought I did. Until one day I started being blackmailed over Facebook, Still not exactly sure how he found me but he did. He put up pictures of me Naked... I was disgusted, sickened and mad. That's where stuff started getting bad. I started loosing all my respect, friends and everything. I moved schools, thought I'd be happy and not bullied anymore, Right???, Wrong. I started being blackmailed again, the man came... [Read More]

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Why is love so hard?


19 Jul, 2012 06:05 PM

He had promised never to break up with me. He had said he loved me more than anything. Both are lies. I loved him a lot. And still do in a way. But my heart is more dead than alive. Here's how he broke me: He asked me out in the middle of 6th grade over the phone. I said yes. He told me he loved me, he cared about me, etc. etc. And I loved him too. But I had forgotten that many other girls in my grade liked him a lot. He would talk to all of them more than me, and being the shy girl, I never asked much of him. But it DID seem like he really did love me. He was sometimes even more emotional in that "lovey" kind of way than me. He was my first boyfriend, and he broke my heart 11 times.... [Read More]

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Love Story


18 Jun, 2012 11:39 PM

Isn't it funny how people think they know you? They think they know every single thing about you and your feelings. How it will effect you, how you'll feel after they say it to you. They don't realize what they're doing to you. It's almost funny, but not quite. Everybody says how girls are vicious and mean, and it's true. I once read in a book that women have their trays of sharp pointy tools, like at the dentist office. But I have a better analogy. It's like getting stabbed in the heart with a knife. Only it doesn't hit the heart right away. It gets deeper every day by milimeters. The blood that pours out are the tears that are emptied into the pillow late at night when no one's listening. The deeper it goes, the more you start to think about killing yourself. Once it reaches the heart,... [Read More]

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I Just Really Hate Life.


06 Apr, 2012 12:53 AM

I don't know why I'm doing this. I'm so pitiful and no one cares. I guess I just need to vent. yes, this is a true story. I guess it all starts with no one really caring about me. I was the child who was ignored. The the child who was born for failure. Whatever. I'm over that, but what really pisses me off is that no one really started even looking at me until I got "pretty". I started wearing makeup. people actually talked to me. but they didn't care. I knew they didn't. I just wanted someone to talk to me for once. I went years without anybody even glancing at me and it felt good that people wanted to talk to me.. I started dating this boy who really cared about me.. well I don't know.. maybe he was just going through the motions like everyone else.... [Read More]

Tags: Hate, Life, Death, Suicide, Heart Break, Broken Heart, Cutting
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Believe Me When I Say Your Beautiful


28 Aug, 2011 10:09 PM

I was with my friend Alex,, And I got in a fight with the guy who said he loved me, We left in a furry, I walked up to the benches crying but no one noticed cause I was blinking away the tears, When,, This guy I've always liked said "Let's go on a walk.." And We got up and started on our walk.. He said "I could tell you were going to cry,," Me: "I was.." Him: "Well, was.." ...........LATER............ After I was done telling him,, the 2guys that have used me for pictures and my body.. He looked me deep in the eyes he pierced through my skin and straight through my sheild of not trusting anyone, Fast down my throat and past my lungs to my heart and lit it on fire. He said "Believe Me When I Say Your Beautiful" Me: "I've attempted suicide..." Him: "No... [Read More]

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Love A Curse?


23 Oct, 2010 05:32 PM

To The World! I am sorry to write such a long story but then today its one of the days i feel very low...I am glad to find this site where i can share my story & my feelings..Thank You Lovers Of Sadness :) I hope you people will understand & try to respect what you have and realize how lucky you are :) Never let it go...just hold on tight when you know that its slipping....:) I was in grade 10 when our school had its second Carnival. I had a stall which was about Challenge on Smackdown Vs Raw on PS2, Dvd's & Games & Some small board games as well.Our stall wasn't earning much and was usually empty & We had some chair which made it the only free place where people could actually sit and relax in all that hustle after getting Exhausted. My Partner had... [Read More]

Tags: Love, Curse, Struggle, Truth, Hate, Trust
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