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Broken Heart


14 Oct, 2012 03:36 PM

We met one summer while working in England. We were both from different countries but we decided to go to live in London together after the summer. I went there first. During the time we were apart we were talking every day. I knew that he was scared of new life, in new country, but he said that because of me he will try and he will come. We knew that if we don't start living at least in one country it will be impossible to stay together. So he bought a ticket to London, we were counting the days together, and the day before the flight I received a sms telling me that he's sorry but he cannot come. We didn't talk after this because he disappeared and after a month he was engaged with another girl, a girl from his country. I am sure he was with her... [Read More]

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Trying to fight

Claire B

11 Oct, 2012 04:20 AM

My story starts in 7th grade, even though I'm only in 8th, a lot has happened since then. I'm Claire by the way. 13 years old. don't read this if you judge but ok yeah anyways. The first day I walked into a public school I was like "fuck yeah it's middle school yayy" but really no. It was hell, pure hell. I got called fat by 2 eighth graders and oh it gets better because that's the first week only. After three weeks I was getting called names by a lot of people I didn't even know... one of the eighth grade popular girls walked by me with all her friends and said "oh this one's really ugly." I looked at them and said "what?" and they said " oh and she's a dumb ass too! How nice, see you late caterpillar eyebrows" and I just ran in to... [Read More]

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15 Aug, 2012 04:03 AM

PROLOGUE: I don’t have tears anymore. I want to cry, wail out loudly, but I can’t. I just don’t have the strength to do it. I feel numb...alone...cold. I guess I have to go, I've said my goodbyes. And may God forgive my soul. I climbed on to my car, turned the engine on. I looked around, it’s so peaceful and quiet here, I could stay here forever. Hah! I still got a sense of humor. Well, this is Sky lawn, where my mother and my stepfather lie. I came to visit them, brought flowers, lit up a candle, said a prayer...and ask for forgiveness. I will see you soon, mother. I will be with you, Dad. Blasted radio, why this song? Should I turn the volume up? Alex Clare’s lyrics says it all... “...just too close to love you...” OK, time to go, it’s gonna be dark soon. Oh... [Read More]

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10 Oct, 2012 06:32 PM

This year of school brought me something, that I'll never forget... a wonder full feeling that I want to hold in for ever. A boy, named Jacob Aaron Shafer but in the different grade. I'm in the 11th grade, and he's in the 10th grade. I fell in love with him, when we first talked, and the whole thing was so magical. I was blind of happiness when he gave me a hug, or when I wrote him a note, or anything that he did and was sweet. I never felt something so strong like this, I had some boyfriends before but he is different, the feeling was never this strong, and the whole world went in a blue bubble, and I just went crazy every time he went to talked to me my body went crazy. Of course outside I looked cool, but inside I shouted of happiness. Everything... [Read More]

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You forgot


10 Oct, 2012 03:55 PM

The girl had a deadly tumor and the doctors told her that she was going to die, but there was still hope she could do a special surgery and survive. If she decided to do it, she would lose her memory forever. When she told her best friend, he told her that he would talk to the doctors so they could plan the surgery. She stopped him, and pulled him to her side. Girl: I'm not going to do the surgery. (he looked at her shocked) boy: you have to be joking, you'll die! Girl: its better than forgetting everything I've lived with you. Boy: you don't understand, I can't lose you.....I LOVE YOU! (she had tears in her eye's) Girl: you love me? Boy: yes! Girl:why didn't you ever tell me? Boy: I was afraid you wouldn't feel the same.... Girl: but the thing is.... I do feel the... [Read More]

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Life Is Cruel But learn to deal with it


10 Oct, 2012 07:06 AM

I'm a shy quite Girl so when I met my ex boyfriend in high school I was scared of the possibility that we would never work. 3 years later we were still together and happy after high school we were still together for about a year. We broke up because I walked in on him with one of our friends and I could never forgive him so I had to say goodbye and move on with my life. I kept busy with school and work I lived with two of my best friends who were there for me. I was single for two and half of years had no hook up I just forces on me and my career. My best friend Alyssa was getting married and I felt like she need a getaway before her wedding so Alyssa, Ashley, and myself took a trip to Hawaii. We had a... [Read More]

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I Miss You Buddy


06 Oct, 2012 11:24 PM

It's hard being a half American kid going to school in a foreign country. Everyone thinks you have money and you're immediately an outcast. No matter what you do to try and fit in, you're still going to be the American kid. Sure, you can still get everyone to like you but you never really know who's your real friend. Even my mother's side of the family, who are all Asians by the way, think of me as an outcast. Everyone depends on me to be a doctor, or a lawyer, or an astrophysicist just so they can suck the money out of me. My father left, and my mother married another man, who not long, grew in my heart. My step-father enrolled me into one of the best schools in the country and that's when I finally met my best friend. I was in kindergarten when he sat by... [Read More]

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I Thought Life Got Better


03 Oct, 2012 02:26 AM

I've been bullied my whole life... By... Everyone. I'm short, its the core of the problem. What wrong with being short?? Everyday I wish I was taller. Now this story doesn't have death. Its true and it has tears right now while I'm writing this. So, every girl has a crush, every girl does! Now this guy I've liked for a little while and my best friend whom I told everything to. I told her all about this guy how I felt about him and how cute I thought he was. Yeah well that all changed, my so called bff told this guy everything!!! After wards we emailed each other for a couple days and he told me he liked me too. I was sooo happy! But still furious at my "friend" (shes not my friend anymore). He was too though. She always tried to but in getting all the... [Read More]

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My mothers young love.


03 Sep, 2012 06:41 AM

Hey everyone! I decided to share this story because I believe it may help some people that are unhappy with their family. So this is a story my mother told me when I was so upset over a guy that was a total jerk. It is a sad story but it made me thankful for what I had in life, and no matter what happens my mother is always going to be here for me, I'm so thankful to have a mother when others aren't so lucky. When my mother was my age, 15 she was dating this guy named Dale. She said how they were inseparable and still has a necklace that he got her for her birthday. One day Dale was going to go for a ride on his Dirt Bike and asked if my mom wanted to go with. She asked her grandmother if she could go... [Read More]

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I Loved You..

Cianna Holloway

22 Dec, 2012 06:38 PM

Boy: What?!? Girl: Yes. Boy: YES! Girl Starts To Fall For The Boy Exactly One Month Later Girl's friend: I Think It`s Time You Two Broke Up.! Girl: Okay..{Secretly Doesn't Want To But Is Too Afraid Her Friend Will Hate Her If She Says No.} Boy: Hey. Girl: Hi. Boy: How's it going? Girl: It's fine. Boy: What's wrong? Girl: I think we should break up.. Boy: What..? Girl: We should break up. Boy: Why..? Girl: It`s Just... We Never See Each Other Anymore Boy: I can change that. Girl: I've never met your family.. Boy: I can change that. Girl: I just don't feel that way for you anymore.. Boy: I wish I could change that. Girl: I'm sorry. Boy: I know. Girl: I Have To Go.. Boy: Thanks for trying.. {Next day:} Boy: Hey. Girl: I'm sorry.. Boy: No I'm happy we broke up I could tell we... [Read More]

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