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Friendship and Love


19 Oct, 2010 06:05 PM

It all started in 7th grade when I just moved into this little town in Minnesota. I was still pretty upset with moving there because I didn't like to move and be "new" to a place. The town was so small I walked the whole town in 15 minutes. Well anyways, school started and there were many kids for a small town. I was walking around keeping to myself when I noticed her. She was beautiful. I was upset though cause back then I was short and chubby so I didn't think she would like me. I wanted to talk to her and get to know her. She was in my grade too but then I learned that they separated the students into 2 sections. 7A and 7B. She was in 7B I was in 7A. I wanted to meet and get to know her so bad, but sadly it... [Read More]

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My friends


26 Aug, 2010 06:24 AM

Story begins about a year ago. I was still in high school. I had everything I wanted. I had close friends. Two of them were really close to me, and I considered them my best friends. One of them was a boy, and one of them was a girl. As time passed I grew closer to both of them, the guy became like a brother to me, and I fell in love with the girl. Everything went well, and I thought she was in love with me as well. She gave me hints all the time, we kissed, she cried on my shoulder. Of course I told my best friend everything about her, how much I liked her. Me and him were hanging out every single day, he wouldn't leave till it got really late, say 4am. Days continued like this, and I fell in love with her more and... [Read More]

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For them. For the one they ever were.


07 Dec, 2016 04:37 PM

My true story: I loved them. I was their good captain and their funny friend, and their sweet sister. We were really one team. We played together for 2 years. At the end of the year we all had to fill in a paper, about your next year. Everyone filled in : we want to stay together. But one day before the summer holiday, one girl got a call. If she wanted to go one team higher. She said no, cause she wanted to stay together, and because she didn't know the people in that team. But that team needed one extra player. So one of us needed to go to that team, Nobody wanted to go, so the caller would choose a random name. But that girl really didn't want. So me as a captain said: I'll go. That was a hard desicion, but I made it, for my... [Read More]

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In another world maybe


18 Jan, 2016 05:52 PM

So.. My name is Sarah. Last year I realized that I maybe wasn't completely straight. I'm in my second year of high school here in France. There is, there was, this girl named Lola. The most beautiful perfect girl I've seen. This girl has a boyfriend that I know from a longtime ago. He's not in the same region as us so they don't see each other very often but when they do they love it. I'm very social and got to know Lola really quickly, she's smart, funny as hell, likes simple stuff and is just a really nice person overall. She isn't too social, she's got like 4 friends in the school whereas I'm pretty popular and know a lot of people. Every night we'd talk till 3 A.M and got really close really quickly. From the beginning I knew she would be special. We'd spend so much... [Read More]

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Love or Friendship?


11 Sep, 2012 07:40 AM

Hi, I'm Tiffany and I'm 23. I'm living with my happy and warm family, until I could find a job. This is my love story... 6 years ago, when I was 17, I was a total nerd in school. Of course, as everybody knows, nerds and geeks wear nerd spectacles and dress like an EXTREME nerd, right? Well, I was like that. But I had the best friend in my life. Her name is Lily. She's sort of from the "Popular" group. Oh, you better believe it, my school has Geeks and Populars group. The "Queens and Kings" of school set a rule for Popular's not to hang out with Nerds. Lily didn't care about that, and that's what I love about her. One day, she came for a sleepover at my house and decided to have a makeover on me. The minute she said that, I looked down at... [Read More]

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04 Jan, 2012 01:21 PM

I wonder sometimes, why we have a heart only for it to get crushed and broken every time we open it. Why we still open up after having our hearts crushed. Why we allow ourselves to fall in love when we know nothing ever lasts. The thing is no one actually knows why. Me? I'm in love. with someone who doesn't even want to know. He gave up on me a long time ago. He was beautiful and my best mate until he kissed me and things got complicated. Before, i was already friends with his twin sister, and when they moved down my road i was happy that i had someone around my age to talk to when we had our street party. I hadn't really spoken to him before hand, just smiled when i saw him around school- he was a year older then me so i didn't... [Read More]

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Jesse Boston

01 Mar, 2018 02:54 AM

When someone disappears for a really long time, especially if no one cares that they’ve actually gone, and then they all of a sudden show up again. Most people will make the joke that the person came back from the dead. Well in my case, the case of Jesse Boston, I really did come back from the dead! A few times as a matter of fact. That’s because I returned from a four year coma. During which I remember every horrific thing they had all done to me. The shock to my heart jolting me back to life one to many times. Of course, I knew very little about the actual dying part. But I knew my so called loved ones, and friends were responsible for at least three of my death's. It was all just haze. At least until my memory flashes came to me. It was like getting... [Read More]

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Mohamad Hidayat Bacho Muhd

15 Nov, 2014 06:32 AM

The girl that I thought that would fill my heart has crushed every bit of my feelings..she lied to me but perhaps I ‘ll tell you guys the story….it began when I was in high school. She was 15 and I was 14.She was cute, funny and nice. Every quality of a suitable girlfriend for me. We were in the same school but in different class since she was 1 year older than me. The only chance I can see her or talk to her would be during co-curriculum. We were in the same unit. I’ was her assistant and she was my boss not the supreme boss. Anyway my love grows each passing day. Whenever we meet, I would make some jokes and share good stories and every time she seemed to enjoy it. Sometimes when she had free time on her hands she would invite me to grab... [Read More]

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Friends Versus Girlfriend

Phylburt Fagestorm

30 Dec, 2012 12:26 PM

It was late at night and Isabella called and called Trevor but he does not answer. He just texted her that he was at a friend's. It's been a couple of weeks since Trevor start to become busy with his friends and the fact that he never have time to text or chat Bella made her feel insecure. One night, Bella cried so she texted Trevor, "Are we fighting?" but there's no reply "What did I do to u?" But still no reply.. So She called Him Trevor: Oh Sorry, Babe my phone is in silent Bella: where are you? Trevor: I'm at a friend's Bella: Again?! Trevor: Why? are you mad? Bella: Don't you know what it is now? Trevor: What? what do you mean? Bella: I'll go there, where's that house? Trevor: You can't go in here Babe!! Bella: Why Not?! Trevor: J--Just don't go! Then Trevor ended... [Read More]

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To Be Seperated


12 Feb, 2012 01:14 AM

It started 8 years ago when I met my best friend: Lauren Kirby. We met at a Pony Camp that I went to every year until I was old enough for horse camp. When we were all introducing each other, she made me laugh right away. We had to say our name, age, and something interesting about yourself. She said: "I'm Lauren Kirby. I'm 8 years old, and I'm a blonde". It may not be so funny to you, but I was 8 and I thought it was funny. We started talking, and we instantly hit it off. She was that camp friend that was pretty much the only one that you talked to because you found someone and were too nervous to make any other friends. We were in the same riding group which meant we went everywhere together. We sat by each other during every meal, and we... [Read More]

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