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A Broken Road


02 Dec, 2014 05:00 PM

A Broken Road It was a late October afternoon and while many families were in their homes having dinner, or perhaps watching television together, a car pulled to the side of Farm Road 117 in Orange County, Missouri. While the car was of a beautiful silver, and was no less than a luxury vehicle, the woman driving alone inside wanted nothing to do with the car or anything else. This woman’s name was Tina and as she sat in the stalled car crying, the autumn wind blew gently through the trees of many colors. Her crying had caused her eyeliner and mascara to smear, giving her the illusion of two black eyes. Her sobs reverberated through the air for she was no longer trying to contain her sorrow. To her right, two squirrels quickly jumped from one tree to another as thoughts of loneliness and worthlessness flashed through her mind.... [Read More]

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First Time Gone Forever


24 Nov, 2014 03:19 AM

When your parents and everyone tells you to wait until you are married to have sex, you should listen. I wish so desperately that I could take it back. When you have sex at a young age and then it doesn't work out, you feel devastated and crushed. There are no words to describe the pain and hurt I went through. But I am going to tell my story, and I hope maybe that one person who reads this will wait. It was a few months into my sophomore year in high school and I was 16 years old. Everything was going really well and I had a lot of friends. I was in the choir this year and the choir and band was taking a trip to Nevada in December. Everyone was really excited, including me. A few days before our Christmas break, my really good friend at the... [Read More]

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where is dad...


14 Nov, 2014 08:07 AM

A young girl grew up without a father. She smiled happily every day, but inside she was dying. Everywhere she looked, there was a happy, full family. A baby, mom, and dad. It was complete. They were happy. But not in her world. There was only her and her mom. At school, they would have father-daughter dances. The girl would always stay home. Her mom always told her that she was her "mom and dad." Eventually, she got curious. She wanted to know who her dad was. She walked up to her mom in her room and shifted nervously. "Mom?" The little girl asked. Of course the mother looked up. "Yes baby?" "Where's my dad?" The mother's eyes widened, before they started to tear up. The little girl was eight by this time. It scarred her. That night, when the girl laid in her mom's bed, and tried her best... [Read More]

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Monica yang

11 Nov, 2014 06:35 AM

“We, never existed.” The words kept replaying over and over, until I was on the brink of disgust. My throat was about to explode with the vile mixture of anger and frustration coming up, but yet, I kept it in. it hurts. “why?! Why must you do this to me? What have I done wrong?!” I shouted, as we were in front of my house. He says it so calmly; it irritates me under my skin that his face was all full on with breaking up, basically showing no sympathy. “FINE! HAVE IT YOUR WAY!” I opened the door, and slammed it on his face, I don’t care if he was hit, or he comes up to my room saying he’s sorry, I want him to disappear, disappear from my world. “I have reasons, Marie. And I already don’t love you from the first day we started dating. I don’t... [Read More]

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No Mama, we can't leave!


05 Nov, 2014 04:42 AM

So it was really gone then. I thought that we could still stay. I really wanted to stay. Mama and Daddy really wanted to stay. Even Charles, who absolutely hated this place, wanted to stay. I guess anybody would stay here in Oklahoma rather than somewhere else, where they would have to start with a new life, new farm, new everything. But we can’t stay now. We wouldn't have anywhere to live. Because our home was gone. The big, mean people crushed it into little pieces. Although I’m hoping that a miracle will happen in the next few seconds bringing our home back. I really, really hoped, but deep down I knew that the miracle was only in my dreams. I guess that we could live at Aunt Heather’s house, but they will do the same to her house soon, if they haven’t already. It’s the same case for everybody... [Read More]

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A second chance

Alex Love

05 Jan, 2014 10:40 AM

A little over a year ago, I hit what most would call rock bottom. I found myself sitting alone on my bed, tears flowing down my face, with everything in my life completely unknown. I sit up every night wondering if I deserve a second chance after what I did. I did a lot of things in my past that I am not proud of, I try to be good show everyone that I changed, nobody believes me or wants to believe me. I try so hard every day but it gets really hard. I hope someday my old friends my mom my sister will finally believe that I have changed I do try and I will keep trying until they see that too. I always thought that people change and they deserve a second chance. But in my case every second chance turns to more an turns to shit.... [Read More]

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26 Nov, 2013 09:27 PM

The Last Words Angel Fawn *I adapted this to fit more with my story, respects all paid to Angel Fawn!!!* It's been a while since I remembered him. My brother Chris was 16, he had lung cancer. He was growing weaker and weaker, he coughed and coughed and breathing was becoming hard for him. Very hard... He couldn’t stop coughing, (*cough, cough, cough*) the sweet sound of his voice swept out of his pain filled body, letting me hope. Hope that he’d live. The doctor’s had told us that he had months to live. I remember back when we were just kids. Mom took us out to the dandelion field behind our park and some kids were playing tag through the meadow. The light blowing through the air flew directly into our hearts. “Hey ugly,” one kid yelled. I looked up. “Yeah you ugly! You and your cripple brother!” Another... [Read More]

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Until We Meet Again


10 Jul, 2013 09:53 PM

I remember when we were five, I took your crayons without telling you. I remember I accidentally sat on the box and broke all your crayons while I was drawing. I didn't know how to tell you,so I decided to just say it to your face. It took me a while to spit it out, but when I did, I remember you got so mad at me. You didn't cry, but you gave me a pouting face. I gave you a hug, but you kept you arms crossed, and when I let go, you were still pouting at me. I knew you were mad, and I thought you were going to tell mom, but you never did. I remember that time we got in a fight five years after that, I was so mad at you, but I don't even remember why. I remember it, because it was our first... [Read More]

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Why I could not cry

Pierce Bonds

10 Jul, 2013 03:38 AM

The night was cold. It had just stopped raining and the streets glimmered as the moonlight and stars reflected on them. I was standing on the curb of the sidewalk under a streetlight. I had my white umbrella balanced under my palm. I check my watch. It was growing late but I didn't want to go home. I don't know why I had stopped there; on that very spot. So, I headed home. I entered the house and the strong tension hit me like a wave. I could hear my mother and my stepfather fighting in the kitchen. It wasn't their first fight. My little brother was sitting in the living room, staring at the TV with a dark screen. I asked him what was going on but he never responded. I sat next to him and he immediately wrapped him arms around me. Everything happened so fast. Mother made... [Read More]

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My note, You decide what to do...

Carter Mullins

22 Jun, 2013 03:40 AM

Every one who reads this please give me your honest opinion. My name is Carter Douglas Mullins. And my whole life has been swaying to both sides. You may have read before a story I write called Mason and I. Well if you read it all you would know that for a lot of my life I have been a suicidal. It really sucks how all these people want to help sometimes because somewhat they are giving me even more reasons. Yes I have loving parents, and other family and yes I take a pill called paxel to help me get happy. And yes I used to have a therapist. And now though it has become exceedingly harder to move on. I cant help to look back at my parents and my family to see what they have been through. So far I have lost my twin, a couple of... [Read More]

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