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Oh, why, baby, why?

Cuevas, Cesar

30 Oct, 2011 01:27 PM

As the decades pass, I still recall the wonderful memories I shared with my wife. As a matter of fact, I still smell her scent and feel her sense of life in this very room where we shared our love. And yes, dammit, I still call her my wife. I loved her as much as one being can love another! I'm sixty-nine years old; she died when I was thirty-four. As it stands, I still remember the painful night my lover left me. . . It was a night filled with peculiarities; my sister gave birth prematurely, my car- which had never failed me- wasn't igniting, and on top of this, my wife was nagging me. "Honey," she said, "go see your sister. You're family. You have to go." I didn't want to because it was a 4-hour drive, and my car wasn't even starting! "Look," I said, "the car... [Read More]

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a summers love


24 May, 2011 05:47 AM

So I'm the new girl at school and its lunch i have no clue where I'm going the school is really big. finally a boy named Chris asks to show me where to go i accept the offer quickly. we sit at his usual table and i start to meet his friends Manny, Enriqu, Dre, and Jayda. just when i think i meet everyone here he comes...the most beautiful boy i have ever seen... he was slightly tall (which is way taller then me cuz I'm short) had a fresh hair cut had the body of an angel he sat down right next to me and introduced himself. Zak is his name... then he flashed his gorgeous smile at me and that's when i looked into his eyes they were a deep hazel that went well with his dark complexion... as time passes we get closer and closer. Me, Zak,... [Read More]

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All I have known


27 Aug, 2010 04:23 AM

I am a 13 years old young boy, from Iligan city, Philippines, here is some story about me from the past... When I was still in grade 3, I have been started to be matured, so slightly, I already know what is good and what is bad. Everything was good when I was in grade 3.My grandmother is a government worker in the city, but in our place, it takes 1 hour travel before we can go to the city. And in our place, there was a bar, and we passed the bar before we can proceed to our house. One time my grandmother go home from work, then she saw my father in the bar with 2 girls. But my grandmother didn't told us on that time. Then few months past, my grandmother saw again my father for the 2nd time, but my grandmother is still giving him one... [Read More]

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