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Don't Know What Went Wrong


02 Oct, 2011 12:46 AM

I'm sixteen at the time and no one really knows my story, i rather not tell, but it seems to be building up and i end up crying myself to sleep every night. As far as i can remember my dad had beaten up my mom and us (me, sister, and brother). i lived in fear that something serious would happen. it seemed every time my dad was around, things led up to argument, then the argument led to fights, then the fights led to police arresting dad, which always ends up with uncle bailing him out. He hallucinated a lot since he was on stuff, I'm not really sure what, but he would always seem to think me and my siblings were the demons and tried to "sacrifice" us. my mom didn't do anything to stop him, i think she seemed too scared or just didn't care. about a... [Read More]

Tags: Abuse, Deaths, Violence
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My Life


31 Jul, 2011 09:51 PM

I don't know how exactly to start out the story so i guess ill start of with the first sad thing? I was born into this world with a heart condition called I.H.S.S. I can't play any sports, i can't get too mad. My heart rate can't too high or i could die. I can't do many things actually. I can't work out too much and i can't eat many sweets. I found this out when i was 8. I ran to my mom saying i wanted to play a sport. I don't remember what it was, but I've always wanted to play softball. She told me i couldn't. I asked why, and, well, there's the answer. Along with a heart condition, I was born with a gene to be very overweight. I was adopted, and i didn't know that 'til i was about 11. And you know, when your... [Read More]

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