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how can i move on?


26 May, 2010 11:12 PM

nine months ago, i met a girl. she was perfect and beautiful and sexy. her smile, her body, her hair... everything was absolutely perfect... her skin was the perfect complexion with the perfect tint of tan, her auburn hair flowed like water, and her pale green eyes were always shielded behind long, long lashes. after one month of becoming pretty much best friends, i fell in love with her. we shared our first kiss when we were laying under the stars one night and everything progressed from there. we were dating without the label, because i never really asked her out. we were together for four months before i lost my virginity to her, and she lost hers to me. and, that's when i was sure that she loved me just like i loved her. we spent every day together, when winter came. we didn't see each other much from... [Read More]

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09 Jan, 2010 10:23 AM

I wanted to tell you i love you,But when i did you said that you will never love me cause im not beautiful or cute.I walked home and when i got there i was crying to myself with my head down thinking of what you said.That night as i looked at my self in my mirror i said i will never be as beautiful as those girls that hit on you i wish i was beautiful. Then that night she put music on so loud that no one would hear the bang of a gun shot and when her mother walked up the stairs she went to her daughters room and she saw her daughter with blood all around her with a note saying Im never gonna be beautiful so why live. Never do this to people it hurts them so bad.... [Read More]

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