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Enjoying the Painful Week I had mistaken


12 Aug, 2017 11:15 PM

During December, the day that my heart grew attach to you, on that Sunday. We went to a movie theater, where watching horror movie was not my type. I told you that I didn't know we were watching a horror story until I put my butt down on the chair and you told me. The movie started, I was watching and you suddenly took my fingers and put it in your mouth. The feeling that was happy and confused. Unknowingly, I just played with you and did the same thing with your fingers, licking and biting it like a lollipop. We aren't even dating and you even tilt my head towards your cheek. So I gave you a peck on the cheek. Monday, the school day. I had so much questions that I wanted to asked. I was in my senior year and you were in 11th grade. Following to... [Read More]

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