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missing you


22 Sep, 2010 03:24 AM

You were always there for me when I needed a hug. You never said a word; you would just sit there quietly, and listen to everything I told you. We always went for walks together to the park. You were so cute when you would fall asleep, I could always tell when you were having a good dream. You were the most amazing friend I could ask for, and now you?re gone. I?ll never forget you. When we?d go in the back yard and play tug a war, you always won though. I just wish you had more time; I would give anything to have you here right now, lying next to me having your sweet dreams. I always knew that day would come; when you?d no longer be here with me, but why did it have to end like that? You were in so much pain it hurt me... [Read More]

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my mother


12 Jun, 2010 01:05 AM

i was seven when i watched my mother drown in her own blood and mucus. four years before i was born, she had been diagnosed with lung cancer. she battled this horrible war for more than ten years before crashing and burning, eventually dying. cancer puts on an excellent poker face; just when you think you're better, you then are lying in some pathetic hole in the ground for eternity. just a month before she had died, she had actually been laughing and talking and she had even been out in the garden a little. sure, the chemo had made her loose all her hair and she looked like a zombie because she was so pale, but my dad was still so madly in love with her. in fact, i'd hear him cry every night before she left, and sometimes look into their room and see him kneeling besides their... [Read More]

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WHY?? another broken heart...i just dont get!!!


11 Jun, 2010 02:14 AM

everyone thinks that being a teen is awesome...but what they dont realize is all the drama and heartbreaks there are, i know from experience. i was dating this guy named john, he was the most amazing guy i have ever met. we dated for a while and then he ended it.the worst thing of it all was he broke up with me on the day 9/11. from the time i woke up that morning i was telling everyone that something bad was going to happen...but never did i think that something bad was going to happen to me. well he ended it and then i fount out that the girl that was suppose to be my friend was dating him....THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE !!! i got really depressed and started cutting my wrist. while we were dating i told him that if anything would ever come between us... [Read More]

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