October by Evanescence

Tags: Broken, Lost, Missing, Evanescence

White Horse by Taylor Swift

Tags: Lost, Broken, Lonely, Taylor Swift

Numb by Linkin park

Tags: Power, Rock, Linkin Park, Broken

Careless Whisper by George Michael

Tags: Breakup, Missing, George Michael, Lost, Love

Your Call by Secondhand Serenade

Tags: Love, Secondhand Serenade

Untitled by Simple Plan

Tags: Lost, Mistakes, Simple Plan

Never gonna be alone by nickelback

Tags: Nickelback, Missing, Broken, Power, Rock

My guardian Angel by Red jumpsuit apparatus

Tags: My Guardian Angel, Soft, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus

Wherever You Will Go by The Calling

Tags: Missing, Rock, Power, The Calling

Skyscrapers by Demi Lovato

Tags: Sad, Lost, Tears, Crying, Bleed, Unloved, Demi Lovato

It Must Have Been Love by Roxette

Tags: Breakup, Missing, Lost, Roxette

Understanding by Evanescence

Tags: Saddest, Pain, Sorrow, Memories, Evanescence

What Makes A Man by Westlife

Tags: Goodbye, Love, Westlife, Breakup

Everybody hurts by R.E.M

Tags: Hurt, Cry, R.E.M

Lost Without You by Delta Goodream

Tags: Breakup, Delta Goodream, Love, Lost