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it hurts when you love some one and they love your best friend
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The worst punishment god can give you
is to leave you dying while you're still alive.

- aly
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love is just a cover up for being alone either way you are lonely at least when your alone you'll know when you will hurt with love you'll never know </3
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Can't you see lies and pains behind my eyes? No? Well, I guess that's because you're to blinded with my best fake smile. Am I a good actress? ;)
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A fell into ring of thorns that pricked and pierced and consumed my flesh. My mind wore thin. And I lie here waiting for the end of days.
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Being hurt sucks but at least you know you are not dead inside.
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death could end a lot of stuff but it could never end love and pain
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..There is a DAGGER planted into my chest hurts But if I pull it out i am DEAD !!
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Without pain your heart becomes better,
Without love your heart becomes when u find pain in love treat it or u will have to leave your love..
- R?J?? BroKen H??rt?d
Submitted By: R?J?? BroK?n H??rt?d
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don't call me gorgeous if you don't mean it baby because i will never forget the way my heart fell after you said you don't like me. you played me and i act like I'm over it but inside all the pieces of my shattered heart are crying out for you to hold me again </3
- </3