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He's not a man if he's not willing to take the risk;
he's not a boy if he doesn't regret his love one bit 
and he's not a child if he has made you feel 
that with hope there's a will.
Tags: Risks, Regret, Hope, Will
Sometimes we see the world in black and white; 
other times in grey. I often view the world in white. Why? Because I have hope for humanity. 
Honestly, I'm forever disappointed.
Being single doesn't suck.
It can be fun sometimes. but its lonely.
any independent and strong person will learn how to be alone. 
but its nice to have someone around to share your life with.
its a gift of life that's hard to find.
Tags: Hope, Loneliness
Sometimes, I think you regret saying goodbye, because when I walk by you, all you do is stare... and when I look up into your eyes all I see is "I am so sorry, Summer."
Tags: Wonder, Hope
And before you give up, remember the reason you were holding on in the first place.
Tags: Give Up, Hope
i dream that you'll care about me but what sucks about dreams is that they don't always come true
Tags: Hope, Dream