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It's not that I don't feel that pain it's just I'm not afraid of hurting anymore
- Hayley of Paramore
Submitted By: The Unknown
Tags: Pain, Love, Hope, Forever, Hurt
A real friend knows when your hurt then can see the look on your face and when you tell them you're fine they don't believe you. 
A fake friend see you're upset and asks "what's wrong?: and when you say "nothing I'm fine." They really believe you.
My castle is breaking
My prince is fading
my fantasy is becoming reality.
- falling down
Submitted By: marietta
Tags: Broken, Hope
My yesterday has died, my today is dying but my tomorrow is being born.
Tags: Dying, Hope
I dream of dreaming dreams of her,
In twilight she is a constant blur...
- Mads Langer
Submitted By: Bony Yousuf
Tags: Missing, Lonely, Dream, Hope
Just because there are plenty of fish in the sea..
doesn't mean any of them will like you.
When life gives you a million reasons to cry show life a million reasons to smile.
They say everything is easier when you let go..
...but there is always something holding you back
.. It's Hope and it causes Pain.......
Some beliefs stay beliefs, even if we didn't believe in them
losing a friend
its hard to pretend
that the light is always 
at the end of the tunnel

But when you reach out
and touch the spark of hope
you realise
that hope never dies