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I’m standing on the edge, ready to jump to my death. You use to pull me back, but not anymore. I’m falling harder and faster, my time is running out… those simple words “I Love You” meant nothing in the end.
- "I Love You"
Submitted By: kelsey
Tags: Love, Broken, Sad
He was the prestigious gift I have ever had 
.... but I was the game that he played..
I'm here waiting for you....but you never come.....
Breaking up doesn't mean that no more love is left; it's more of trying to save the love that's left.
I thought our love was for real... But now I know to you life is like chess...
 and I'm just a pawn to get back who you want most
holding on to your tears, to prevent anyone from knowing your sad and heartbroken
You taught me how to love...
But not how to stop...
Three things do not try to looking for..
 "love, luck and death!"
Its so hard to let you go, even after all that you put me through.
It Hurts The Most ,
When Sum1 Who Made You Feel Special Yesterday ,
They Makes You Feel Like ,
U R The Most Unwanted Person Today...!!!