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Sticks and stones may break the bones,
But words will break the heart and soul.
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Girl to boy: My heart is in your hands.
*Later in life they break up*
Girl: I should've just held on to my heart because you just crumbled it like if it was a piece of paper.
You put a hole in my heart... now I'll put a hole in my head...
Tags: Broken, Heart, Suicide
it hurts to have someone in your heart that you cant have in your arms
Tags: Hurts, Arms, Heart
you pretend you're over and so okay when they see you, but deep inside you're dying to hide all your feelings, just because you don't want them to feel bad about you. you care for them too much that you chose to suffer your dying heart all alone
- vvn
Tags: Heart, Deep, Dying, Alone
you may not love the guy who broke your heart, but every guy who your heart breaks for, a little peice goes to them, until you have everything, or nothing left
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