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I've walked this earth for over 21 years, 
and I still feel like I haven't left a foot print.
Tags: Alone, Sad, Depressed
"death is power and goth is pride 
...that's the way I feel inside"
Tags: Emo, Sad, Death, Depressed
"Don't blame me if I break you. Blame THEM. I never did anything. What did I do to deserve this? 
...Now look at me! They've created a monster!"
"It's hard to wait around for something when you know it may never happen. But it's even harder knowing its everything you want."
Of all the things I have lost
.......I miss my mind the most!
Tags: Lost, Sad, Depressed
Even if I'm so accustomed to this sinking feeling, .....everytime it hits me, it does it like never before.
.......I never seen myself as "worth it" for you to take a chance on me....
.......  so I won't tell you how I feel, even if you do.
"I was once a strong soldier,but now I'm weak and wounded."
They leave. Because they should or because .......they find someone else.
  And some of them, ...some of them… forget me. I suppose in the end, they break my heart.
Living life everyday will struggling through the pain? How can someone ever be strong enough to over come it? Have you ever had your heart ripe out, felt agony repeated to the point of insanity? What's the point anymore. What's left to lose?