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Why is it that years after the trust is gone, the heart remains full of love?
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I knew all along that I was too lucky to have you... well thanks for keeping me smiling while it lasted
Love comes to you in a blink of an eye and leaves you just as fast as it comes.
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As soon as forever is through...I ll be over you...
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Do you know what a broken heart is? Its a heart that was in love, but got broken by the one it loved
If someone you love hurts you cry a river, build a bridge, and get over it.
- Unknown
Submitted By: Bony Yousuf
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You have to go through Hell to get to Heaven. So every time you go through a hard break up it's just God preparing you for life because there is gonna be plenty of more heartbreaking situations. so that's just God helping you out.
Isn't it amazing how you meet someone, fall in love, spend the most amazing times, then He Tells you he's breaking up with you, Then you cry for how hurt you are ? </3
You know what? You can have him because I already did. I was always the one that was on his mind. And remember, when he tells you he loves you, i was the one he told first. When he says you're his "everything.." well he told me that too. Oh and when he says "forever & ever" think twice because he told me that too and now look what happened.
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Its not death that tore us apart, its was our different definitions of life.
- Life
Submitted By: Shawna
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