The first person who teach you  
The meaning of the werb "love" 
Will also be 
The first person who teaches you the 
Meaning of the "pain"
Tags: Lost, Love, Sad, Pain, Hurt
It's not the goodbye that hurts......
.....It's the flashbacks that follow
- XXXscarrXXX
Submitted By: Belle Marie Hodges
Tags: Goodbye, Hurt, Flashbacks
"Everyone says its gonna be alright but honestly everyone doesn't know how I feel"
Love can sometimes be a Magic.. 
..But that magic can sometimes just be a Curse
It's funny how a person can break your heart..

And you can still love them with all the little pieces..
sick of crying tired of trying yeah I am smiling but inside I'm dying
Tags: Pain, Smile
"I feel like I have fallen and cant get up, I loved you and you left, now I've got this pain in my chest, 
I'm stuck in this hurt and the only way out is by putting myself underneath the dirt."
Saying Sorry doesn't mean there isn't guilt and forgiving doesn't mean the pain is gone.
Tags: Forgiving
I close my eyes;because I might see your face.....
I close my mouth;because I might say your name.....
I close my ears;because I might hear your voice.....
But i couldn't close my heart;because I'll be all        
When I Die, Don't Come Near My Body. Because My Hand May Not Be Able To Wipe Your Tears Anymore
Tags: Death, Sad, Love, Cry, Tears