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I can't see the light


26 Oct, 2015 05:23 PM
I don't want to keep up these lies
I don't want to live, just to die.
I don't want to dream tonight,
Hoping that my dreams will brighten up my light.

Because I'm not strong, I won't fight
This war is too much, I can't see the light.
And I'll just let go, let go of your hand,
I cannot fly, let alone land.

I don't want to breathe, the way I do
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Tags: Light, Song, Strong, Unsure, Lies, Secrets, Hold Me, Tight
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Please tell me why

Kanashimi Raven

01 May, 2015 04:55 PM
Why should I trust the words you say? 
Why should I listen to those lies?
I'm tired, 
I'm sorry I can't stand the pain 
I'm sorry but we both know I am meaningless 
To you

With see-through tears, and bright blue eyes
the sun shone brightly on that day
You stared at me, at my typed words 
and then just turned around to go
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Tags: Goodbye, Song, Sadness, Puppet
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