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Zephira Diamond

23 Sep, 2014 11:42 PM
It's rather comforting
Considering that I'm alive and that I do feel
All that time you spent ripping their hearts out,
Left me with a sweet awakening
"All this for shouldn't have."
Really, You shouldn't have
Death will only cause us more trouble
Trouble being my middle name and all
Labelled above all as the extortionists
Denied attention by whom we crave it the most.

Control, precision stealth and balance
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Tags: Darkness, Girl, Blood, Death, Love, Poem, Twisted, Comforting, Muder
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22 Feb, 2013 09:15 PM
What do you call it when all you 
feel is pain?
when your loved ones look at you
and all you feel is shame ?
when you're tired of living and
playing this game ?
when you know your life is 
meaningless and you're the only
one to blame ?

What do you call it when the hurt
is in your soul?
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Tags: Sad, Death, Poem, Alone, Lost
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Mind Games

Victory is for loosers

24 May, 2012 08:54 AM
I say as i lay down and rest my bones
Again please wait my final groans
Let me be from now till then
To just see her face, once again

But as i lie and fall to sleep
I feel my heart skip a beat
And i feel the time is now
For me to make my final bow
Adieu, Good bye, To all farewell
I stand as i hear, touch, taste, smell
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Tags: Mental, Psycho, Sad, Death, Depart, Rhyme, Poem
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29 May, 2011 04:35 AM
Found something sweet 
In a place full of blood and tears 
As mommy left me on a cold street 
I had to hide and face my fears

Now, when years have passed 
From that dreadful day 
My pain still lasted 
Those bad words, please don?t say

I?m new 
Left that ugly girl into past
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Tags: Sad, Misery, Poem, Emo, Hard
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