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My Roses (Short)

Brie Grace

09 Apr, 2014 08:14 AM
Roses are red, violets are blue,
I am sorry for ever loving you.

you broke my heart, you broke my mind,
just as I wasn't as blind.

it made me scream, it made me cry, 
it means that my life is just lie.

I thought I needed you, for now and forever,
But now I see we weren't meant to be together.
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Tags: Love Poem, Regret, Roses, Lies, Lost Love
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21 Apr, 2013 10:31 AM
Your smile leaves scars
my heart left torn
my love for you is strong
but my tears have worn 

it takes a alot to move on
it takes to much to stay 
i am still stuck here
when i lost you last may

your head was always so high 
i am not quite sure what you had in mind
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Tags: Love, Lost Love, Death, Heartache, Pain
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A Hidden Tear

Josephine Nisha

21 Mar, 2013 12:41 PM
I wish i could tell how i really feel,
But now its too late and i cant heal.
Can't you even pretend to love me?
Why is it her that you only see?
I tried everything just to lie,
And now i'm alone left to die.
You don't know how how happy i was,
When you told me my life's real cause.
Then i started to like you more,
It didn't take long for my heart to soar.
All i wanted was to be with you,
But soon i realized that nothing was true.
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Tags: Lost Love, Suffering, Betrayal, Tears
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Nothing But A Word


23 Mar, 2013 07:01 PM
Love is a word and nothing more
This word causes so much pain
Try to love what for
There is more to loose and less to gain

I blocked this word from my heart
It no longer exist
To love I'd rather get shot with a dart
Destroying it how could i resist

I no longer care
It's to hard
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Tags: Unloved, Depression, Broken, Pain, Past, Problems, Lost Love, Letting Go
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Is that you


07 Mar, 2013 01:36 PM
Is that you?
who gave me a new life ,
Is that you my Inspiration
Throught out my life?
Is that you ,
who once caught hold of my hands
For years to go?
Is that still you,
who treated me as soulmate
when others treated me as a curse
Is that you,
who had tears in yours eyes
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Tags: Alone, Lost Love
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Just Memories

Faliha Ishma

11 Feb, 2013 01:52 PM
It was hot, it was blue
That day when i first saw you
You looked at me curiously
I looked at you awkwardly

Then we talked and talked
And then you asked me out
And i was confused
Were you being cursed?

I always thought that we did not match
You were the one who i shouldn't catch
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Tags: Memory, Goodbye, Lost Love
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Broken Promise


08 Jan, 2013 02:41 PM
Everything is the same.
I can't escape.
No fighting will,
Is going to save me.

Tears my fall.
Only my shirt
Is there to soak,
They drown me.

Filling my clothes.
Living in my lungs.
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Tags: Heartbroken, Sadness, Suffering, Lost Love, Sad
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I want you here


10 Dec, 2012 02:51 AM
I’m sitting alone and looking up at the sky,
Dreading the day you told me goodbye,
You told me you’d come for me,
But you lied.

I sit here and die slowly on the inside,
You told me you’d take me away,
Away from this dreadful place.
You said you’d take me to a paradise,
But it was a lie.

You still haven’t come,
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Tags: Longing, Lost Love, Heartbroken
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The Opposite of Chocolate


31 Dec, 2012 10:53 AM
One moment is all it takes
For your world to topple over.
Head over heels.
And then, crash and burn.

Shame, regret, hope,
Agony, just plain agony.
A sinking feeling 
That’s drowning you, filling your lungs with water and smoke.

You can’t breathe,
You can’t die,
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Tags: Heartbreak, Sad, Depression, Pain, Lost Love, Lost, Hurt, Sadness
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Favorite mistake


26 Dec, 2012 06:43 AM
Have you ever wondered why 
when your heart breaks and then heals, 
there are still cracks that are unhealed? 

Have you ever wondered why 
when you give someone your heart 
they take it and stomp on it 
until you’re in tears?  

Have you ever wondered why 
we always thought 
we'd look back on our tears and laugh,
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Tags: Lost Love, Heartbroken, Pain, Hurt, Mistake, Sad, Love, Heartbreak, Sadness
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