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I dont want to hold on to you

Sol Colon

30 Jan, 2015 03:10 AM
I don't want to hold on to you, if you no longer want to stay. 
I don't want to hold on to you, if you think that things can't change.

I don't want to hold on to you, if you no longer care of how I am or how I feel.
I don't want to hold on to you, if you heart no longer beats for me. 

I know you love me, 
and that I see. but
My darling-dear, you are not in love with me. 

Because I love you,
I'll let you be..
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Tags: Broken Heart, Love Poem, Lost, Loneliness, Lost Love, Giving Up
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How can I


18 Aug, 2015 06:43 AM
How can i express my feelings from my words,
How can i make you trust on my self,
Dont know how to speak while remaining silent,
How can i explain it to my heart

A bond is bounded to my soul, 
which does always pull me back to you,
Now you tell me how can i stop my soul?

I already told you, my love will never be expressed to you;
how can i put hate's rein on my feelings?
i have to live without you but i even cant sense my life now
how can i return song's of life to a carcass
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Tags: Loneliness, True Love, Broken Trust, Sadness, Heartbroken
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I Just Don't Know

B. Rabbit

06 Aug, 2015 05:05 AM
I drop anchors
To keep me from being
Swept out into 
The Lonely Sea

But all my chains break
And the tide pulls my craft
The storm clouds roll in
Lightning cracks

All these things
That held me in place
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Tags: Loneliness, Forgotten, Ocean, Ship, Death, Giving Up
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I love you best friend

Cruel clown

02 Jun, 2015 08:41 PM
Our love was mutual,
Our love was pure, 
We don't have a future,
What made you so sure,
Why did you make promises you couldn't keep,
Did it make you happy?

Watching the one you love weep,
You said now it's over move on,
Love never ends, it isn't a song,
You promised you will spend your life with me,
I trusted you blindly,
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Tags: Love, Best Friend, Lies, Loneliness, Lost, Pain, Tragedy, Heartbroken, Heartache, Unloved
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They Don't Understand


16 Mar, 2015 09:01 PM
Blood is red
cuts get deeper
the soul of a innocent 
is now a disaster,
her heart is smashed 
is together by a thread
although she smiles 
she just wants red.

When she thinks of only him
the tears start rolling
she's says it makes no sense,
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Tags: My Life, Sad, Loneliness
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Locked in a Room

Parry Boparai

16 Apr, 2015 04:27 PM
I'm locked in a room,
With my past it's key,
I cannot reach to it,
As far as i can see.

The strings of my guitar sing,
As the light enters the window,
I can hear the wind blowing,
Moving the garden gate spindle.

Sunshine is calling me,
To leave behind the past,
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Tags: Motivation, Past, Love, Alone, Lonely, Loneliness, New Life, Left Behind
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27 Sep, 2014 12:33 AM
Sadness is when everyone around you form
circles and clicks
laugh and smile

Talk about good times that you can't seem to remember
Back in the month of December

It's when you notice that no one notices you
There are groups all around but you're apart from all of them
It's just you

You can't even feel yourself
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Tags: Sad, Sadness, Lost, Loneliness, Lonely, Alone, Suicide, Suicidal, Emptiness
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Love Me

Celestial Starlight

29 Nov, 2014 09:05 AM
I hear the constant lies,
I taste her bitter tears,
There's a hatred deep inside,
She's held onto for many years.

Her heart is breaking fast,
But somehow she's still alive,
There's a silent wish she hears,
"Kill me, let me die."

There's hidden scars on her skin,
Long sleeves will conceal,
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Tags: Love, Loneliness
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Walking alone

Gaurav Tiwari

30 Nov, 2014 11:18 PM
i saw you standing out with tears,
i wanted to shatter all your fears.
but there was nothing in my hands,
i was sent to the other stands.
this world was no more for me to live,
i have nothing more for you to give.
now i m all alone here in this dark,
i can see not even a single spark.
what will you answer me if i ask,
why do you wear that mask?
here i walk alone on this dark road,
with sound of cry's and a broken hope.
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Tags: Death, Loneliness
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the empty journey


21 Nov, 2014 08:21 PM
I sit here feeling the cold surrounding me 
Surrounding my body as I pour dry
Abandoned by all yet all say they would always be there
I text you
I call you
Anything for your attention

You’ve left me along to fight through the dark
To shed the light
But truth be told you were my only light...
Now I am alone and cold
Afraid of what I will see once there is light upon me
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Tags: Hope, Loneliness, Death, Hopelessness
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