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my life


25 Jul, 2010 03:30 AM
they say time can mend a broken heart, but tell me what happens to your soul when it was taken from you from the very start

only one person can answer my questions
that burn deep inside,
only one problem why should he try.
you see...i live in my own world ,
my own space and time...
only its clear now,  im
living a lie.

this is my own hell
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Tags: Learn, Broken, Unloved
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I pray

Daniel Bogogolela

28 Jan, 2016 09:51 AM
We love each other but,
not  the way people think.
They don’t know how  we’ve come 
to know each other because they’re
still to learn about us.

When I was young and pregnant,
non of them could believe I was
carrying his child.
They had thought I was lying to
his parents to get close to his family.
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Tags: Influence, Young, Pregnant, Learn, Love, Child, Husband, Forgivenes
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