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Teardrops Of Blood


15 Jun, 2011 05:24 PM
When I'm crying 
I am dying
When i sleep
I weep
When I'm awake
I am fake
When i bleed
I bleed fake blood
When i love 
I hate 
When I'm early 
I'm late
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Tags: Angry, Depressing, Sad
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Waste Away

Colin Brody

24 Feb, 2010 12:52 AM
I've seen days when nothing comes out right
I'm not saying you should call my name
Just give me warmth, stay alone with me tonight
I've got nothing left to use in this life
And I'm just dying to see the end of it all

I can't help wanting to give up and cry
I want to curse and scream till my lungs give
Stumble over this stone-filled road and die
Because there's nothing left in this life
And I'm tired of pretending to live
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Tags: Depressing, Sad
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