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Feel the pain


06 Sep, 2010 01:15 PM
Would you think any less of me,,
If I cut myself tonight,,
What would you think of me,,
If I cut myself and died ..

I would go and die tonight,,
But I haven?t felt your touch,,
Yes I would die tonight,,
But I haven?t done enough ..

So tonight when I get home,,
I will not cut myself,,
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Weeping Willow


17 Jun, 2012 09:38 PM
The tears I manage to weep,
Fall from darkened skies,
Filling the heart I keep,
Circle down like flies.

All the sorrow is Grey,
As my blood begins to seep,
Dreaming of yesterday,
Alone while I sleep.

In the rivers wide,
Along the treeline I tread,
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Tags: Weeping Willow, Weeping, Willow, Widow, Black, Love, Heart, Cut, Unhappy, Sad, Depressed, Death, Alone
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