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Heart Broken

19 Sep, 2018 09:53 PM
It turns out you were just a lie.
Now all I seem to do is cry.
Knowing you were like the rest.
And only see me as a pest.
Yet still I walked into your trap.
Not ever wanting to go back.
Wishing that you could just see.
All the pain you’re causing me.
You used me then threw me away.
Now I’m a toy that just got played.
Told I need a reality check.
Cause you will never like me back.
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Tags: Lie, Fake, Pain, Crush, Crying
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22 Oct, 2011 05:36 PM
Sometimes i just sit around
and think of you.
then i wonder,
do you think of me?

Then i remember
why you don't
i remember the
reasons why

because I'm not self confident,
I'm too self conscience
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Tags: Crying, Thinking, Dreaming, Unloved
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When I see you smile with her.

Heart Broken

19 Sep, 2018 09:54 PM
I see you smile with her.
I thought you were mine, but I guess I was wrong. 
Now I always cry when I hear our song.
I thought you were happy, but I only saw your mask.
Thought I saw your face, but now all I see is your back.
I thought you were just scared.
But now I see you never cared.
Turned your back and left me in the dust.
Now all I can do is make a fuss.
Walk right past me during school.
Now I feel like I’m a fool.
Never really there for me.
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Tags: Crying, Lies, Invisible
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Man of The World

timothy long

06 Apr, 2016 03:48 PM
Foolish children is what i say, 
reckless love's made me rue every day, 
fuck you, 
no one has a clue, 
live my life and you'll kill yourself to, 
you'll have to get to know me, 
maybe it will get better one day, 
but im not exist in a world so gray, 
im dead anyway, 
why must these thoughts ring true, 
why cant i be you, 
i have nothing while you have something,
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Tags: Sadness, Death, Suicide, Loss, Crying, Tears, Peace, Greif, Love
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24 Jan, 2014 04:24 AM
God you took her without a word.
Oh! the pain it brought was too much to bear.
Lying there so still,
She looked so very ill.
Just lying in her coffin there.
God you took her without a word.

Pretty white dress. 
Hair in bows.
She looked so lovely lying there in a deathly pose.
God you took her without a word.
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Tags: Death, Feelings, Crying
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One Secret


25 Apr, 2014 12:47 PM
You walk away as I cry,
you turn your back on my tears.
To imagine you capable of such things,
A monstrous idea indeed.

I trusted you as you broke me.
I was there when you needed,
But when I needed, where were you?

Pretending to be someone you aren't,
To impress your "friends."
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Tags: Keeping Secrets, Crying
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Wait For Me


11 Nov, 2013 07:48 PM
As you lay in bed somethings heavy at your feet
That is me I am there while you sleep

You hear me because I am still here
So please do not cry do not fear

You feel something brush gently against you
I am here right beside you in everything you do

I am your pet I am in your heart and on your mind
Do not forget me, close your eyes and you will find
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Tags: Love, Crying
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Heart Broken

19 Sep, 2018 09:55 PM
My feelings for you I don’t understand.
But they seem to get stronger when I see you in band.
I cry almost every time that I see.
That you seem to be better away from me.
This heartbreak is like no other.
I just wish I could tell my mother.
You pushed me away.
But I wanted to stay.
In my heart you belong.
But I feel you are better with me gone.
I’m invisible to you.
Don’t say that it’s not true.
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