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Ashlea .C

19 Dec, 2013 04:35 PM
you say that you love me.
you tell me you care.
although we both know
our love
is bursting into flares.

no more than a corpse
burning to ashes.
through my eyes 
out life together flashes.

we had no purpose. we had no trust.
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Tags: Pain, Sorrow, Trust, Depression, Broken Heart
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Long Forgotten

Ashlea .C

19 Dec, 2013 04:53 PM
Gaze into my eyes,
a story long forgotten lies within.
tear drops fall upon my face, 
obliterating the memory of 
and so called fate.

my eyes lay awake,
during the gloomy, cold night
when my mind drifts away,
i can not hide.
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Tags: Pain, Sorrow, Depression, Broken Heart
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Remember me


31 Jan, 2013 12:56 PM
When you're lonely i hope you think of me
Picture me every second
Never forget what we were
Our promises
Our memories
I know that you can never be with me forever
but you will always cross my mind
and i hope i cross yours 

There's not a single day i don't think of you
There will always be something that is pulling me to you
Its like a magnetic force
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Tags: Sad, Broken Heart
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The day


16 Dec, 2012 11:45 PM
The day you left was the best part
I could be me and not someone 
you wanted me to be
I could hang out with my friends 
and date other people,

but I cried when you walked away...
I thought we would be together..forever...
I'm alone now I miss you I want you back
the day you left me was the best...not!!

I cried myself asleep
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Tags: Lost, Broken Heart, Sad, Missing, Breakup, Love, Sadness, Alone, Depressed
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I'm gone


23 Oct, 2011 05:23 AM
I can remember how you told me you love me,
How you told me I was your everything,
Where are those days?
Where are they?
I thought they would last forever.

Yeah I'm smiling, pretending that nothing happened,
All of my friends thinking that I'm moving on,
They're thinking that I'm laughing because I'm happy,
They can't feel what I'm feelin',
You don't know what I'm feelin'.
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Tags: Broken Heart, Heartbroken, Unlved, Memories
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