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forever in her eyes


22 Jul, 2011 01:50 PM
You've got a smile that sets the sun ablaze
A touch that anyone would crave
Your scent, that of an ocean breeze
Salty yet beautiful as it seems
But you know not of these things I write about
He's made you feel your nothing at all
With every razor sharp word
With every shattering blow
If only you knew your life is like poetry to me
It would flow so perfectly
Id love you like loves meant to be
Maybe someday you'll find I can make you happy
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Tags: Love, Abuse, Broken
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Forever incomplete


10 Jul, 2011 11:12 PM
When we swore to never be apart
I never knew that it was just me
You are still in my heart and soul
You have my whole heart
I'll forever be just a half waiting to be whole
My love in vain
You don't even understand this pain
Without you it's like
The day without sun
Rain without clouds
A kid without parents
A pool without water
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Tags: Broken, Sadness, Missing, Heartbreak
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Painful scream

Black Swan

03 Jul, 2011 11:30 PM
feeling the emptiness and cold
I'm grieving for always
the tears is cannot be dry
all this pain is suffer my self
you say you was love me
you say you care to me
you give me a smile but you tore it apart

there is nothing but silence now
tears and pain is belongs to me
i screaming calling you
but you don't hear it
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Tags: Broken, Sorrow, Lonely
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Life with out you


26 Jun, 2011 04:26 AM
Tears roll down my face, as I look at you and your girl friend
I see how happy you are together, smiling and laughing 
What a wonderful couple you make
I walk to my lonely room, turning on sad music
Picking up a razor
Without you I?m nothing, without you my life is meaningless
So I carve deep into my wrist, feeling every little piercing cut 
Screaming from the pain, and bleeding from the veins 
I lay back on my bed, watching the blood drain
Knowing you don?t feel any pain nor guilt for what you?ve done to me
Slowly, I pass away, with my last thoughts being of you
I know you will never know how much I love you
And just how much I miss you
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Tags: Depression, Death, Love, Heartbrake, Broken, Brokenup, Cry, Breakup, Missing
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broken glass


14 Jun, 2011 01:21 PM
we start saying hi, hello
and after that you are my shadow
never gave up and continue to follow
you are always there wherever i go
and you did made me fall in love with you
and i start to treasure everything you do
it's funny how i turns out to be
can't control myself but to love you deeply
still wondering what did you've done to me
you've got me trusting you with my very soul
and never thought you will let me fall
believing that even thunder and storm can't break your holds
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Tags: Trust, Broken
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I still love him...


18 Oct, 2010 05:50 PM
I still love him even though he caused me a lot of pain...
it still hurts me when i see him with her,
I try to act like if everything was fine but in reality my heart is breaking,

Why did he have to do that if he knew that i loved him,
He is my everything,
Was i not good enough for him? my unconditional love for him meant nothing?
Did he ever loved me the way i love him? I guess not because all he ever did was play with me and hurt me

He knew just how much to hurt me so i wouldn't leave him, when he was close to losing me he made me believe in his love again...
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Tags: Love, Pain, Hurt, Broken
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Crippled Love

Aina Gracwe Mission

26 Aug, 2010 12:43 AM
Crippled Love

I thought i already had the best
I met you after she left you
and there i was trying to mend
the broken pieces of you

You promised to love and cherish
everything that we share
You make me smile
And I make you laugh,
We have the best
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Tags: Broken, Lies, Confessions, Marriage
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03 Aug, 2010 03:36 AM
what is it now that keeps me here?
i need to stop hiding from my fear.
wondering what will become of me
hardly getting any sleep
fighting off the demons heat

beating down this unbearable pain
and when it starts to rain
i sit in my room full of sorrow 
Now what could i borrow 
can i have your love?? 
can i have your peace??
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Tags: Unbearable , Broken , Pain , Sorrow, Death
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my life


25 Jul, 2010 03:30 AM
they say time can mend a broken heart, but tell me what happens to your soul when it was taken from you from the very start

only one person can answer my questions
that burn deep inside,
only one problem why should he try.
you see...i live in my own world ,
my own space and time...
only its clear now,  im
living a lie.

this is my own hell
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Tags: Learn, Broken, Unloved
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Hurt_Broken Heart

Alyessia S. Wharton

10 May, 2010 06:44 AM
Broken hearts, 
i hate broken hearts,
they make you cry
sad, angry, mad all up inside,
i want to die, roll over & just die.
i love you, 
no i hate you,
hold me, get out my face,
kiss me, i dare you.
love me!
Love me!!
LOve me!!!
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Tags: Broken,
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