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Alone In Sadness

Aurore Cagnjer

05 Jun, 2011 05:49 PM
I live in regret
I cannot stay strong
Maybe tomorrow
I can move on

Nothing is changing
My life is a lie
Others' lives will be better
The sooner I die

Never freedom
Falling down
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Tags: Sad, Suicide
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Always Forgotten


29 May, 2011 08:12 PM
I am always forgotten
Never sought
Never the one to shout
I am always quite
I never cause a riot
Never the one to cause pain
Never the one to be slain
Never the one to gain
I am the one who never wears a frown
Who never looks down
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Tags: Sad, Unloved
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29 May, 2011 04:35 AM
Found something sweet 
In a place full of blood and tears 
As mommy left me on a cold street 
I had to hide and face my fears

Now, when years have passed 
From that dreadful day 
My pain still lasted 
Those bad words, please don?t say

I?m new 
Left that ugly girl into past
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Tags: Sad, Misery, Poem, Emo, Hard
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Never Forget You

Victoria Lopez

11 May, 2011 01:07 PM
Here I am in my room staying up late
Just thinking about you 
Thinking about all the wonderful times 
We had together that I will never forget
   These pass few months and years 
you help me get through day by day, 
But now your gone and out of my life 
I don't know how to get through one day 
Without you here beside me 
Its going to be hard for me to say goodbye 
to you, I never imagine us saying goodbye 
I'm going to miss your hugs and kisses and
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Tags: Sad, Missing,
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Rory Angel

03 May, 2011 12:27 PM
I swear by my life 
Your love was like a knife
All the nights i cried you were not my my side
I swear my life will continue 
With no one stopping my avenue 
I promise I'll go 
Just like no one saw 
Your love in the night 
Now it's dark 
With no single spark
The touch of your hand
Took me away from this land
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Tags: Breakup, Sad, Lost Love
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Why Dont You...


27 Apr, 2011 10:28 PM
We both know the truth
We both see it in each other
We both know what we feel
We both see the proof

I know my truth
You know my truth
I know your truth
We both see the proof

You tell me all your problems
You tell me all your dreams
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Tags: Sad, Unloved, Pain,
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Why Am I Still Here?

Savon C.S.R.

16 Apr, 2011 06:17 PM
Why is life so hard and
Why am i alive
When nobody cares about me or my pitiful life
So why am i still here?

So why did God make me
Was is so i could be
A punching bag for all your pain and agony
Or was it so you could
Rip a hole through my soul pull my heart right out of my chest
Stomp on it and watch it breath for its very last breath!
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Tags: Loss, Sad, Mad, Forgetten, Unloved
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What is it?


10 Apr, 2011 08:50 PM
What is it that keeps me from them
my nose
my hair
my skin
my eyes
What is it that makes me fear
my father
her boyfriends
being ridiculed
what is it that makes me cry
the looks
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Tags: Sad, Emo, Suicide, Pain
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sleepless nights


12 Mar, 2011 01:55 PM
During sleepless nights....
i pretend that the past isn't real
it brings back how i used to feel
so much sadness in my hopeless life...
never knew things would change so fast
your not here and I'm alone
trying to runaway from this pain that has grown 
i feel so empty now your gone
there's so much crying; i feel like dying
this one is for you
and these words aren't brand new
though it's coming from the heart
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Tags: Sad , Lost , Missing
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Frozen Heart


03 Nov, 2010 04:27 PM
My heart is frozen
completely still
I've tried to escape it
and one day will

My heart is frozen
but I'm still alive
you can't look at me
and see what's inside

My heart is frozen
all feelings have disappeared
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Tags: Frozen, Heart, Sad, Cry
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