gone from my life


26 Sep, 2011 05:56 AM
You're out of my life
it hurt at first 
but now I'm alright
I decided to not listen to your lies anymore

it's over it's through 
I've closed my door
so many times I've been played as a fool
at first you were a good person b
ut now you're just cruel
you said if I would wait 
one day we would be together
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Tags: Betrayed, Hurt, Broken
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03 Oct, 2011 07:56 AM
See the girl
Standing in the corner
No words, always quiet
A loner

No one to see
No friends to care
As she stands 
On the edge of despair

Her body screams no
Her heart pleads yes
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Tags: Sad, Suicide, Death, Unloved
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Heart Break Hell


02 Oct, 2011 01:46 PM
you said you loved me
you said you cared
you played a game with my heart 
so i let you go

it effected me more than you
now my heart is blue
stuck in heart break hell
I'm stuck wondering if you miss me,  
or if our love was just a game to you  
my heart aches when i see you
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Tags: Lost Love, Confusion, Breakup, Missing
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Make Me Such

Parry Boparai

03 Jul, 2011 08:44 AM
Your left me alone, a turning point in my life,
Grieves rushed in , happiness left my life,
You never turned back, looked for me,
No company of you , loneliness wherever I see,
I always believed you , no matter in what,
Your last words are still echoing my mind's hut,
I am having no company, except loneliness,
You left! it's hard to believe, sorrows are excess,
How can I make my heart believe, that you deceived me,
How can I make my heart believe, you are gone like rains,
When I was with you, I never considered losses or the gains,
And there sat Parry in your memories and trying to be same,
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Tags: Heartbroken, Comeback, Waiting, Missing
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It’s My Time

Ian Yahnke

01 Nov, 2017 01:29 AM
Laying in my bed 
Just lost in my head 

Staring at these walls 
And wishing I was dead

I feel so stressed 
And I feel so depressed 

I wish I could remember 
When I last got some rest
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Tags: Sad, Sad Poems, Depression, Suicide, Alone
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Lost and Found


01 Oct, 2014 10:50 PM
There was a girl who never knew life,
who solved her problems using a knife.
wasted feelings, wasted tears;
the life she had, was all she feared.

Not a second not a minute, not a day goes by,
where that girl doesn't break down and cry.
Eyes so innocent tears soft,
she wiped them away figured she had enough.

Til' one day she met a boy,
who gave her happiness and joy.
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Tags: Love, Pain
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A Dream Of You


29 Sep, 2011 08:55 AM
last night
i slept with
doubt and nervousness
inside of me...

i didn't wish
my dream to be is you...
but you always keep running in my mind...

i didn't pray
for you to be whom I'd be dreaming of...
though it was like a dream come true...
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Tags: Dream, Love
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until we meet another day


19 Jan, 2012 06:05 PM
Your body is gone, it went away
So still and calm, on that day
You looked so beautiful, with that warm, soft smile
Too bad you couldn't stay with me awhile

I remember the good, I remember the bad
But all the way through, it's you I always had
Through thick and thin, wear and tear
But now you'll be with me only in my prayer

It came too soon, it came too fast
How much time is in the future and gone in the past
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Tags: Death, Mother, Memories, Sad, Pain
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Summer Dreaming

Jane Cereen

17 Jul, 2011 04:05 AM
Close your eyes, let me touch you,
They don't need to see you cry,
I can't promise I will heal you
But if you want to I will try..

I'll sing you any somber serenade
The past is done,we know you betrayed
Someone said the truth will out, it's true
But I believe without a doubt, in you... 

You were there for summer dreaming
And you gave me what I need
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Tags: Loneliness
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Life and Death

Leanne Main

15 Apr, 2010 03:35 AM
Her Dad was a drunk,
Her Mom was an addict, 
Her parents kept her locked in an attic.

Her only friend,
Was a little toy bear,
It was old and worn out,
And had patches of hair.

She always talked to it,
When no one's around,
She lies there and hugs it,
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Tags: Life, Death, Cruelty, Sad, Children
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