Red Blossoms

Fernando. A. Martinez.

15 Feb, 2017 09:13 PM
I sit quietly, 
as a stream of red 
runs a river down 
my arm. 
I wipe it away with 
my sleeve, and as the red 
blossoms form a pool,
I look down. 
smiling at the twisted beauty.
The red blossoms fall, hit,
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Tags: Love In Hate
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Hopes and Wishes


12 Jul, 2017 06:20 AM
I see him, the one
But am I the one for fun.
He laughs,his laugh is so 
graceful Makes a blow.
Does he see me or he sees another girl
who does he need a cheerleader who can whirl or twirl.
He don't see, don't deserve thee
who does he need too flee.
From the ugliness I attract, or does he see.
 Or does he never see a we
In his future.
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Tags: Love, Wish
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Version 2


15 Aug, 2018 02:05 PM
Ink, paper and a pen
Here we go again. 
When i said i will stop feelin'
Yet here i am again fallin'. 

Ink, paper and a pen
A thing we never begin
And love is something we wouldn't want starting
But my heart just cant stop beating. 

Ink, paper and a pen
What should i do, is this the right thing?
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Tags: Love Poem
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03 Oct, 2017 11:35 PM
I dread going to bed
The loneliness I can bear
The cold I can endure
My greatest fear
More than life
More than death
Awaits on my pillow
The home of my darkest memories
Those patient tormentors
Who waits all day without a whisper
Without a trace
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Tags: Loss, Pain, Depression
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Her ghosts


27 Feb, 2017 03:24 PM
I know He loved her 
But he keeps saying that it was just because of sympathy
I know we're happy together
But he was her first, so does she 
I know I am his forever
But she will always be a part of his memory
I know Im smarter and prettier, whatever
But why am I afraid of her ghost? 

Crawling in the walls of our relationship, 
Hiding in the corners, judging me
Crying tears that made me drown,
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Tags: Hurt, Depression, Suicidal, Hate, Sadness
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